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JP – Story Event #48 (CG NV Lasswell) – Banner(s) Megathread – 9/10~9/24

Content of the article: "JP – Story Event #48 (CG NV Lasswell) – Banner(s) Megathread – 9/10~9/24"

Note: NV Lasswell's CG Animation is delayed. ETA: November

JP Version Only
SE#48 – Pickup Thread

  • Duration: 9/10 17:00 ~ 9/24 23:59
  • Official Announcement: Banner

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Featured Banner : Summon Festival

  • Pull Rates: 2% NV, 8% Rainbow, Gold 45%, Blue 45%.
  • Reduced Rainbow Pool / Fest Included
  • This banner is Fest but does not have any featured Fest units.
  • NV Base Units don't appear from EX ticket pulls and cannot be UoC'ed.
  • NV Units are in the pool of every banner.
  • Vision Cards drops when pulling a Neo Vision Crystal (Random Bonus).
  • Deal: Special Exchange ticket with every 10+1
    Exchange for NV Lasswell with 8x Tickets (Max:2)

Featured Units

DEX Icon Name Wiki Rarity Rates (+1) C.F.         TMR                 STMR        
2173 (CG) NV Lasswell ラスウェル-Neo Vision- Wiki NV 1% 竜殺しの絶刀 (25% Acc) +50% EQ ATK w/ DH (TDH), +50% Phys/Mag Damage vs Dragons 紫黒の戦装束 +42 ATK, +70 MAG, +24 DEF, +50% Phys/Mag Damage vs Insects
2176 Hess Sage Rowen 紫紺の八賢者ローウェン Wiki 5-7★ 1.5% 竜に打ち勝つもの +30% MAG, +50% Phys/Mag Damage vs Dragons プリュイサーベル <2H Katana> +90 ATK, +178 MAG, +75% Phys/Mag Damage vs Dragons (Acc: +50%, 1.05~1.55x Var)
1185 (Old) Yuraisha ユライシャ Wiki 5-NV 1.5% ヘスの叡智 +40% SPR, +20% MP & Auto-Protect/Auto-Shell (20%) ユライシャの髪飾り +34 DEF, +95 SPR, +30% HP & Auto-Regen (ST ~1800 HP Heal w/ 1x Mod per Turn)
817 (Old) Kunshira クンシラ Wiki 5-NV 1.5% 自然を愛する魔法剣士 +40% ATK w/ Sword, +40% MAG w/ Robe 魔力操作環 +50 ATK/MAG & +15% Fire/Thunder/Water/Wind/Light Resist

*: Rates for the +1 of a 5k Pull or 4★ Ticket.

Vision Cards

NV Lasswell (紫電を継ぎし剣士)

Lv1: +40 ATK/MAG | Lv10: +65 ATK/MAG Effects: Lv4: +20% ATK/MAG w/ Clothes Lv7: +20% ATK/MAG w/ Clothes Lv10: +50% Phys/Mag damage vs Insects (Male Only) 


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