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Lasswell -Neo Vision- Unit Spotlight

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Overview of Lasswell –Neo Vision–


Lasswell NV is an ice / wind attacker who specializes in physical attacks in base form and magic-based physical attacks in brave shift form.

Base Form Strengths

Lasswell NV is a physical attacker who specializes in Absolute Mirror of Equity chains. Stardust Ray chains are also possible, but since the modifier is low, let's focus on the Absolute Mirror of Equity chains as much as possible.

Since his highest modifiers come from Mirror of Equity: Blue Sky (Lv.5), a non-elemental attack. It will take extra turns or an external imbuer to imbue element/s. If you want to continue attacking without adding an element, it is recommended to use Glacial Judgement Blade.

LB has T-AmoE chains (24 hits) like Sora KH3’s LB. It is easy to chain with T-AMoE chains. It is locked to Ice though.

You can use Lasswell as an LB finisher in his base form. He has a 50% LB damage passive and can self-buff LB damage by 150% using Dragon Bug Killing Secret Technique.

Lasswell NV has a lot of innate killers for Dragons and Insects. He’ll be great against those enemy types. Be mindful though, his brave shift form doesn’t have the insect killer.


Lasswell NV doesn’t have the 6x chain modifier. His LB is locked to Ice. His utility skills are not part of his multicast.

He can be difficult to gear for MAG in Brave Shift form due to not being able to wield rods or robes. He is limited to katanas, swords, and great swords.

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Brave Form Strengths

Lasswell NV turns into a magic-based physical attacker after brave shift. He deals Physical damage but based on his MAG stat and goes against the SPR of the enemy. He can take advantage of physical killers and elemental imbues from himself and others. He can still access his static brave ability which deals standard physical damage. He has access to quad cast. He is a versatile damage dealer and can be useful in Dark Visions. BS form is duration is infinite.

Lasswell NV BS can serve as an LB Finisher. His LB is a 2-hit Magic-dependent physical attack that is imbueable. It is very easy to fit inside a chain. It costs 60 LB crysts which is a lot but he can fill his LB gauge in his base form. He can actively buff his LB damage by 150% and has a passive LB damage of 200%. He also has a passive 300% ATK and MAG TDH which makes him very easy to gear. Note that he cannot equip rods or robes for increasing his MAG.

Brave Form Weaknesses

Lasswell NV BS is missing a wind imperil. He can’t equip rods or robes to boost his MAG. He doesn’t have 6x chain mod. He looses the 150% insect killer passive. His MAG stat can only be door-potted by 20 while his ATK stat by 32.

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Final Thoughts

Consider summoning for him if you are in need of a flexible magic damage dealer for Dark Visions and if you are missing NV Terra and to some extent NV Ibara. Dark Visions #11 should feature an Insect Boss (Dark Wallace Queen?) that is weak to Magical Wind and Thunder. His BS form is very easy to cap in TDH and LB damage which is good for newer players who don’t have a large equipment pool. His ultimate use is an LB finisher in BS form. It has a 158x mod that is imbuable and does 2 hits. He has 200% innate LB damage and can buff it by 150% more. He has innate 300% MAG/ATK TDH.


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