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Lets Redesign Limited: Demon Rain

Content of the article: "Lets Redesign Limited: Demon Rain"

With halloween coming up I'd love to see some of the old limited time units come back with a redesign and possibly some NV flair. While I put a call out and some preliminary ideas on my twitter, link later, I'd love to put in a better redesign here after breaking him down. Link:

Some may ask why do I care. Well I still use Demon Rain and I love his design and want to see more of him. I use him for any trial I can get away with using him for.

So lets break him down.

Identity: Demon Rain is a 5* base unit that's a physical tank with TDH and counters putting him into an atk based tank.

Pros: -Uncapped counter attacks for LB and Esper fill -All counter attacks are counted as a critical -After pots some of the highest base hp in the game -Has AoE human killer -AoE fire and earth resist and minor buffs 80% when awoken -Fire imperil -Has Entrust -STMR is the only source of Defense based TDH materia

Cons: -TMR is practically a 3* tmr and STMR is worse than a 5*'s base tmr (cloud, CG squall and such come to mind) -Phsyical evade makes most physical tanks have no identity -TDH takes away from the shield slot which loses a lot of def and other elemental resists -His utility is overshadowed by other tanks and his damage as well since he doesn't chain -Lack of equipment he can equip makes him have some difficulty gearing without limited tmrs and stmrs -LB is lack luster so he will be using entrust more often than using his LB -STMR is the only source of Defense based TDH materia

The Vision: No unit should be perfect, that's what gives them a unique idenity over other ones. I want to see Demon Rain run hard into the ATK/DEF/HP stats and focus on being more of a counter based tank who's crits deal more the lower his HP is.

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The changes: TMR: His tmr is so bad it's practically a 3* unit's tmr. It's an accessory with no flat stats and 20% atk/def and 20% fire and earth resist.

I'd love to see it be changed to give flat atk and def and give some Def TDH as well as Atk TDH so he can lean more into the take hits to return them.

STMR: his STMR is only 50% TDH, 50% Def TDH and 30% hp. You could double both the TDH and leave it as is with his TMR to give some unique build options and unique trade offs for losing the utility of shields. With his kit the highest equip DEF one could put on him while DHing (not even using a two handed weapon) is 327, with 200% Def TDH which he could use that's under 1000 def from equipment, which is perfectly acceptable. even with his base def of 212 (limit broken to a max of 272 with pots and doors) that's looking at a max defense of 2341 while giving up on his atk. And that's before you factor in the def lost by a lower def accessory which his TMR could be and that 200 of that def is from a weapon you don't want to use on him when you could put a lot more atk in that slot so your looking at a more realistic 1900-2000 def at 7* if his def has max bonus, which it won't from being pulled too many directions with atk, def and hp being primary stats.

But that's enough about his trust, lets go onto the kit for changes for quality of life and possible directions for a NV Brave shift.

LB: I think it's fine, I would love to see it's imperil hit 120% to 130% but with his entrust I feel it's acceptable to have a weaker Lb

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The Kit: His Trust ability is great, however to activate it you need his TMR or STMR which both just stink. Changing the TMR or STMR will give his Trust ability a leg to stand on and get some use.

His actives: He has only 8 abilities. That's half of HA Charlotte's actives. I'd love to see some more from him, maybe an imbue fire or earth damage to allies, maybe a finisher move to give him something to do when he isn't keeping his Provoke or Cover up, and I'd love to see his Demonic Surge ability be available on turn 1.

His passives: While his passives do point in the right direction, the amount of stats they give is laughable, when awakened they do give a decent chunk and spread compared to new units. I don't think much needs reworking in his passives, but some Lb fill rate up and some more crit damage or damage on his counters would be wonderful.

Possible directions for NV:

DPS: I'd love to see his NV double down on his demonic side, possibly making him become a DPS/Chainer or Finisher so that trial that need both physical and magic tanks depending on what state they are in could ditch the physical when not needed and get some more damage. I think this could set him apart as a Tank into DPS and could be fun to see what happens with it.

Utility: Maybe switching up his elements and his abilities to give a new kit could be nice while staying true to the counter tank. Maybe even counter abilities that apply debuffs to make it easier to survive as well as other killers and more imperils/imbue to give a more demon general vibe over just a demon.

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SPR Tank: This would be interesting to have him swap for a brave shift for a few turns to cover magic and deal with that. It would give him utility and a reason to run for some trials, but it doesn't lean into his strengths very well.

Def based chaining: This is my personal least wanted direction, but making him care about less stats makes him easier to gear and easier to use. It takes away from his identity but also gives him more use outside of being there to take a punch.

Thanks for the read if you did read it and have a nice day.


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