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Lets Redesign Limited: White Knight Noel/Note on Dracu Lasswell

Content of the article: "Lets Redesign Limited: White Knight Noel/Note on Dracu Lasswell"

I'm skipping Dracu Lasswell. I think he is in a good spot. My problem with him is a lack of damage on modifiers, no imbue element, and no triple cast. His lack of damage is fine his STMR and TMR both have uses and are desirable for different builds. There is still a reason to pull him and I see no great need to redesign his kit. Just more stats, 1-2 more moves and more damage that can all be done with ability awakenings. I want to delve into more meaty redesigns like White Knight Noel

White Knight Noel

Where do I even start with him? His wiki page is so long, he has ability enhancements, latent abilities, RNG abilities, unlockable abilities and more! He wants to be a magic tank, deal magic damage, have equip magic increase when dualwielding, but he also wants to have a shield which breaks his dual wielding. His wiki page reads like the someone was designing 3 distinct units and combined them all into one, rolled some dice and said "I'll let the devs sit on it for a bit before we use it" only to find out that it was due half an hour ago and submitted it.

So before we can say what WKN should become, what is WKN? When I did Demon Rain I said he was a physical counter tank that cared about atk, hp and defense and leaned into it, WKN is the exact opposite. WKN is a proactive/chaining Magic tank that cares about SPR, HP and Magic in very contradictory ways.

Pros: Chains 4 different chaining families across 2 elements, ice and wind Can imperil 50% to both wind and ice and 75% to ice LB can mitigate magic damage 50% CD 100% imperil to both elements

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Cons: His passives need reworking to become more cohesive LB doesn't mitigate his damage taken, just his allies Some of his chaining abilities are locked behind CD abilities.

Now for the changes: TMR: Magnifique. I love it. It's an amazing TMR, It has a bunch of uses but it doesn't push WKN into his identity as a unit. I'd use it more if I didn't have better STMRs and it would fit him better with spr instead of defense but it is an odd tmr comparatively because it breaks the spr/magic link and does def/magic. Simply said, it's a lovely item for utility and something new, I'd keep it as is.

STMR: This is where I give him a failing grade. at worst it's 40% magic, 20% spr and 10% hp, at best it'a 60% magic, 60% spr and 10% hp It forces him to want to use shields and rods, while his kit gives him the ability to dual wield staves, rods and maces. I understand trade offs with stats for different things but this is what makes me question things, why try and support both while having the conflicting kits in the same unit when one will get use and the other won't. Lets instead, completely redesign this. Lets instead of making it dependent upon a rod/light shield and heave shield lets make it the following: -Increase Magic 20% HP 20% and SPR 20% -Increase equip Magic (50%) when equipped with a rod and dual wielding -Increase equip SPR (50%) when equipped with a staff and dual wielding -Increase HP 30% and DEF and SPR 10% when equipped with a Mace

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This leans heavy into the dual wielding tank which is a concept we haven't explored a lot of, and it gives some interesting ways to build him, for magic you use more rods, for spr, more staffs, for hp use maces, mix and match.

His Kit: Going on to his kit, I'd keep most of his active abilities as is, it needs some tweaks to modifiers, but give him triple cast black magic and leave his active abilities roughly is.

LB: Just include him in his mitigation as well, why not?

His passives: I'm dreading going through and referencing his stuff in his kit. so instead I'll do a general overview instead of bogging down this post with details. Take all his passives referring to light shields, make them trigger with staffs, make it more focused on spr and hp over all 3 defensive stats. Everything referring to heavy shields, make it trigger with mace and make it more focused on hp and def rather than hp, defense and spr.

What does all this do to his identity? It helps him care about his weird collection of stats in a unique and interesting way and gives some options that pull him into his dual wielding tank identity over some what he currently is, some loveable janky mishmash of contradictory abilities. Yes some trade offs are good, but when it's at the cost of your unit's identity, I feel it's time to redesign and re-establish that identity.

Potential NV awakening:

1) Burst magic damage to finish. Giving him a reason to transform and drop your defenses for a chance to one shot a boss.

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2) Double down on that spr tank, give him more utility, more mitigation and more defenses

3) Give his TMR some love on him and make him a defense based physical tank for a bit.


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