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Make black magic great again !!!

Content of the article: "Make black magic great again !!!"

After seeing the video of Sinzar with Rem, I wondered how to make black magic usable.

  1. Passively increase modifier like Benevolent Beauty Rem
  2. Actively increase modifier like A.I Katy
  3. Imperil and boost damage of certain elements
  4. 6 chain modifier
  5. Creates a new black magic spell
  6. Make a hybrid character who can use physical or black magic
    we can even use a tmr or stmr that increases the modifiers of certain spells or increases the damage of certain elements or both.

For the first two points Rem has a passive skill that increases tornado power by 18x and A.I Katy has an active skill that increases power by 5x.

for the third point, black magic have a low elemental decrease resistance.

We can therefore think of a unit with the same principle but with much higher modifiers with either several active skills that gradually increase the power or just one that increases the power considerably.

for the fifth point, new black magic spells with chain families known like bolting strike or aureole ray.

for the sixth point, we have a versatile character with a wide elemental coverage who can freely alternate between physical or magic and in case even though it is unlikely if the enemy prevents the use of dark magic spells we can still use physical skills.

this units will be able to chain and finish and even use quadra black magic to cast four magic spell.

what do you think about it ?

why am I doing this post? To somehow complain about the lack of originality of the units, one of the strong points of the global version, is the original content including the exclusive units.

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We sometimes have small surprises like A.I Katy, Karten, Xuan , sylvie or esther and sometimes failed experiments like Bai hu and Kaito but with good ideas like the Dot.

I'd really like to see a character that uses d.o.t in a much more effective way.

When we already know what's going to happen, these characters give a fresh wind to the game. I think we need to draw Gumi's attention to this kind of thing to have less generic units. But then again, maybe no one cares about that.


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