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Mastermind Xon, NV Units, Trials and You ~

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Hello everyone! Are you guys enjoying your free NV Tifa lately? and for those fortunate enough to get NV Cloud how is he serving you so far? Good? Great! I'm here to discuss some future trials that we are looking forward to in the future as well as help you plan out your pulls for NV units considering we don't have a safety net yet (JP had it on the Faisy Banner). This is not a guide but just an outline on what to expect on the future trials (they might be subject to change if Gumi decides to do so, so don't impale me on your Gungnirs >.<)

Extreme Intangir: very basic fight for all you Tifa lovers as a pair of her can easily demolish this pup no problemo as long as you can provide external chains for her (Charlotte and MMXon can easily fo this) his break bar can be easily be broken by Xon as long as you equip him Greatswords, Harps, Knuckles, and Rods.

Master Coeurl: Tifa can easily beat him as well as long as you provide her with external chains, no break bars to worry about

Antenolla Extreme: Cloud can finally hop on his bike and go ham on this one since he can chain and AoE hit(1) on the other parts of Antenolla to whittle it down for the next few turns, Xon can break the bar once more while wearing Katanas, Rods and Whips and also help in sustaining buffs and act as a support chainer once more

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Scorn of the Beasts of the Dark 2: once more Cloud can do this as well, no break bars so Xon can sit this one. Tifa can also cap for you if you want a faster clear (she comes with a 200% passive Human Killer for Shiva, and Cloud can equip Darksteel Destroyer for Stone Killer for Golem)

2-Headed Dragon Extreme: Cloud can pretty much do this once more, he can also equip Darklord which is another source of Dragon Killer, you can also add Tifa as finisher if you're more than whale enough. Warning tho this Trial requires you to be loaded with tons of resistances

Master Tonberry: yes! our very first Tonberry fight! in JP Faisy should be around this time now and boy are you in for a treat, this one requires you to deal with not one but three (3) Tonberries! and you have to clear it in 5 turns! but worry not you can still clear it with Tifa and Cloud thus the purpose of my thread to begin with

White Dragon Extreme: hmmm.. pre-emptives… not exactly my cup of does Fire and Dark so resists would be essential on your units. Xon can easily break the bar once more since it's a single target. Tifa and Cloud can easily clear this one as well

Summary: NV Tifa is still one of the if not THE best Capper in JP for now and NV Cloud is still Top 7 as a NV DD so their still serviceable till now on JP so this can easily be one of the better banners we have atm and can easily help you plan your NV pulls till we get a safety net/StepUp if Gumi decides to bring it back. Other notable NVA units are CG Lassworm and Loren as they are one of the better chainers in the game and if you are swimming with tons of them they can also sub in for Cloud and deal more damage on bosses. I did not include SBBs as we won't have them till prob next year iirc while watching the Livestream.

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