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[Mechanics] Brave Shift, and a PSA for Shoreline Fina & Daisy

Content of the article: "[Mechanics] Brave Shift, and a PSA for Shoreline Fina & Daisy"

Brave Shift

Brave shift allows you to change your unit into a different form. You can think of its form as virtually a different unit. It could have a different stats, skills, resist, equipment, and if the developers wants it, a different name. However, unit developments are shared between forms, including unit level, LB level, magic pots, etc. You can toggle brave shift in battle without using up your unit's action.

When brave shifting, your current HP/MP/LB is converted in percentage, so if you shift at 90% HP, the other form will also have 90% HP, despite having different total HP. You retain your active buffs when shifting.

Brave shift has 4 parameters relating to their availability:

  • Delay of turn before it's available at the start of battle
  • Cooldown to normal
  • Cooldown to brave shift
  • Forced shift from brave shift to normal when cooldown is over

During the early release of brave shift, we originally thought the last parameter indicates whether the duration is infinite or not. But now we know it's actually just a parameter for forced shift, and cooldown to normal not only exists, but also differs by units.

Auto-cast and Brave Shift

Normal > BS BS > Normal (manual) BS > Normal (forced)
Auto-cast at the start of battle Triggers during the switch to enemy turn. Visual is bugged, showing +1 turn during enemy turn Triggers during the switch to enemy turn. Visual is bugged, showing +1 turn during enemy turn Triggers during the switch to enemy turn. Visual is bugged, showing +1 turn during enemy turn
Auto-cast every turn Triggers next turn Triggers next turn Triggers immediately
Auto-cast when is alive Triggers next turn Triggers next turn Triggers BS's effect immediately. Triggers Normal's effect next turn
Shift Cooldown Ticks normally Ticks next turn (cooldown is 1 turn longer) Ticks normally

Auto-cast after # turn is not tested, but since it works like a buff, I imagine it's not affected.

PSA: Shoreline Fina & Daisy have auto-cast cover at the start of battle on both of their forms, and it is very important to know that it will trigger during the switch to enemy turn. What this means is that if you brave shift, and cast any type of cover on the same turn, it will be overwritten by an auto-casted cover.

Cooldown to brave shift works differently between units with and without forced shift. I'd guess that the BS cooldown counter is called at the start of the turn, so manually shifting back to normal in the middle of turn will not reduce cooldown by 1 turn until next turn. So unit with forced shift (infinite brave shift duration) will always have their cooldown to brave shift added by 1 turn from what the data indicates. The wiki adds 1 turn to cooldown to brave shift when this happens, but official news doesn't do this.

Non-commital Brave Shift

When you toggle the brave shift button, but toggles it back before the end of turn, the game will not count it as brave shift, and will not start any cooldown. However, your unit is still switching form, along with their HP/MP/LB/equipments/passive/etc, so there are some things you can do, especially related to the percentage value of HP/MP/LB.

  • Example 1: If you have a unit with 5000/40000 HP, you can temporarily shift into 2500/20000 HP, and now the unit can be fully healed with 1 Curaja.
  • Example 2: You need your unit to use an LB, but their gauge is nowhere full, so you temporarily shift into a form that has +1000% LB fill rate, and you can get up to 11 times as much LB from LB stones.


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