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Megathread Behemoth K, The Maddened Sage

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Wiki Boss Page:,_the_Maddened_Sage

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Behemoth Suit
No more than 3 items 10% Trust Moogle
Win within 30 turns Rage Beast's Roar
Defeat the behemoth with a limit burst Rage Beast's Might

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Behemoth K

  • Race: Demon + Beast
  • Stats based on JP version. Will update if there are changes for GL once it's datamined.
800,000,000 100,000 2,500 + 1,625 5,000 + 3,250 2,500 + 1,625 5,000 + 3,250
  • Ailment Resists: Immune to all
  • Break Resists: Vulnerable to all breaks
  • Extra: 30% chance to resist breaks


Previous tip thread can be viewed Here

Moogle tips from news:

  • Elemental attacks will be countered with powerful attacks of the same element, which should be prepared for by raising elemental resistance, kupo!
  • Be aware that when it's HP drops below a certain point, it will use an instant KO attack on units in specific positions, kupo!
  • Attacks intended for beast-type or demon-type enemies should prove quite effective, kupo!

Brief tips:

  • Breaks have a 30% chance to be resisted. Multi-casting breaks increases the chances of them landing.
  • Evasion works on all physical attacks. Some AoE physicals will ignore cover.
  • None of the magic will bypass cover.
  • From 50% until 30% health, Behemoth will use meteors in addition to his regular attacks.
  • Slot targetted deaths will happen each 15% threshold. See Wiki for more info.
  • See u/togeo 's Tank Survival Thread for a nice tool to calculate how much bulk your magic tank needs to survive.
  • If this trial is stressing you out, consider waiting until Neo Visions release for an easier time.
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