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Megathread Boss Rush Survival #1

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Wiki Boss Page:

  • This is a recurring event.
  • Three "Boss Rush" difficulties (BGN/INT/ADV).
  • Each difficulty has five stages, each adding an additional Boss (Wave), up to five.
  • Obtain "Boss Rush Survival Tickets" from clearing them.
  • Use "Boss Rush Survival Tickets" on the "Boss Rush Ticket Box".


All missions are as follows:
(Slight difference on ADV Stage 4 and 5)

<1> Clear <2> No Death <3> No Items <4> ≤5 Party ADV Stage 4: <4> Deal Lightning Dmg ADV Stage 5: <4> Deal Fire Dmg 

Clear Videos (ADV Stage 5 only)

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_ (Comment)
SylvieRegisSelphieDancer PeneloRemV2

Youtube u/gaebolg168 (Comment)
Paladin CecilFreedom Seeker VaanRegisRenaBeloved Girl RemBeloved Girl Rem

Youtube u/Archael_ (Comment)
CG Warrior of LightCG VaanCG AceRemV2LunafreyaXuan Wu & Qing Long

Tag me to have your video linked here! (max of 10 videos, not counting mine)
Please include the Unit CSS for your team to have it added to the main post.

Example Teams (without a video)(ADV Stage 5 only)

u/poiuy90 (Comment)
GalufMyraSylvieVaanXuan Wu & Qing LongXuan Wu & Qing Long

u/tzxsean (Comment)
IgnisSylvieCG CharlotteCG VaanRemV2RemV2

Please include the Unit CSS for your team to have it added to the main post. (max of 10)


Note: Five stages per difficulty / Every stage costs 10 Energy.


Dread Rider  ↪Sand Worm  ↪Hexadragon  ↪Ouro  ↪Ominous One  


Apocrypha  / Grief Witch  ↪Evil Drake  / Peryton  ↪Abaddon  ↪Bomb Family  ↪Roper  


Elafikeras  ↪Iron Giant  ↪Calcabrina  ↪Glacial  ↪Bomb Family  

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