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Megathread Whip Whiskered Beast (Coeurl Trial)

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Wiki Boss Page:

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Coeurl Headpiece
No more than 3 items 10% Trust Moogle
Win within 25 turns Call of the Wild
Defeat the master coeurl with an esper Coeurl's Blaster

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Master Couerl

  • Race: Beast
  • Stats based on JP version. Will update if there are changes for GL once it's datamined.
800,000,000 100,000 2,500 + 1,625 5,800 + 3,770 2,300 + 1,495 5,800 + 3,770
  • Ailment Resists: Immune to all
  • Break Resists: Vulnerable to all breaks


Previous tip thread can be viewed Here

Brief tips:

  • Physical Elements used: Fire, Lightning
  • Magic Elements used: Ice, Lightning, Light
  • Imperils: -50% Lightning
  • Statuses used: Paralyze
  • Break Gauge: None
  • Misc: Uses mirage, self cures own debuffs, uses AoE dispel

Boss attack pattern:

Turn Coverable Attacks Used
1 Physical
2 Magic
3 Magic
4 Physical
5 Physical
6 Magic
7 Magic
8 Physical
9 Physical
10 Magic
11 Magic
12+ Continues, swap every 2 turns

Until wiki is updated, exact turn by turn AI can be seen on the JP thread Here


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