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Missed the Towers? I found a workaround! Quick, before Gumi hotfixes again…

Content of the article: "Missed the Towers? I found a workaround! Quick, before Gumi hotfixes again…"

Normally I wouldn't share this information, but considering how unfair the Tower hotfix was, I figured this was worth sharing. I don't know how long this will last, as I'm sure Gumi will read this and fix it immediately as this is how they treat any bug or mistake that benefits the players. Here are the steps:

  1. Equip an NV unit with a piece of gear. Equip it to their brave shift as well. Go to a second NV unit and equip that same piece of gear. Confirm that you want to remove it from the first NV unit. Now save the team or go back to the Home page. Wait for the "Invalid Equipment" error and restart the game.
  2. Equip the best piece of gear you own to an NV unit (I did Durandal). Equip it to its Brave Shift form as well. Now run Item World. Choose the STMR you have equipped and confirm that it will unequip from all units. Run this best piece of gear through Item World. After you have finished, now make sure the item has been removed from all NV units. After this, try to equip the item to any unit. Save the team or go to the Home page. Wait for the "Invalid Equipment" error and restart the game. It might be worth your time to go through your arena teams, DV teams, etc. to make sure the item is fully removed everywhere and try equipping the item again to any unit. Again wait for the "Invalid Equipment" error and restart that game. Do this as many times as you'd like.
  3. Go through your Abilities/Materias and favorite all the ones you use regularly. Make sure the game saves. Restart the game. Go back and sort through all your Abilities/Materias again and favorite all the ones you use regularly. Restart the game. It helps if you repeat this process any time there is a patch or you download extra data.
  4. While waiting for the above bugs to be fixed, spend your NRG to run Mad Doll repeatedly to grind Gil. You'll have at least a few months before those bugs are addressed, so that should be more than enough time to max out your Gil!!
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In all seriousness, I understand hotfixing mistakes that would unintentionally give players max of a currency (even though it isn't the premium currency). What irks me is the above bugs that are obviously a LOW priority because they hurt the customer base instead of benefit them. Bugs that break a new mechanic of the game should be addressed immediately. What adds insult to injury is that these bugs HAVE ALREADY BEEN FIXED in JP (as far as I'm aware), but instead of implementing the code that fixed it early, they are just going to wait and copy/paste it as it happened over on JP.

I honestly have not figured out how to equip Durandal after running it through IW. I'm pretty sure it got left on an NV unit but even after I removed it, it has not been fixed unlike the bug I listed above it.

To try to make this post someone constructive, they should give everyone 30-50 mil gil as a nice buffer for those struggling who didn't get to take advantage. I've gone from 130 mil to 60 mil in the last few weeks, so this amount is going to break a mechanic of the game…


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