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Missing stuff: Ability Awakenings AKA enhancements/latents (among others).

Content of the article: "Missing stuff: Ability Awakenings AKA enhancements/latents (among others)."

Fellow FFBErs:

So they said we would get enhancements back on November from what I can recall. If we compare to JP, there are dozens, if not hundreds (someone please correct me here) of units without their latents on GL already. And I wanted to hear your opinions on these kind of missing stuff that made the game a bit more fun. We still have more than half of November but I have not seen anyone talk about this matter.

Or are enhancements gone for good and all that's left is this new cycle of 1 NV base and 1-2 NVA every week with low rates for said NVAs/NVs?

Reason would be NVA Awakenings replaced our old ability enhancements system and the already abandoned latents system, which is understandable, yes, but… isn't it getting a bit…unexciting?

I used to get really excited when an old unit got enhancements because it had the slim chance of getting good/semi meta. I know many times our units got crappy/lackluster enhancements which brought a lot of salt, but we still had the chance at it, and made for lots of discussion on what kind of enhancements an unit would get, which was fun. All these threads and content creators are gone. Now it's just… "Yayy X unit will get an NVA but fuck you, it has 10 turns of cooldown to Brave Shift, and even if you already have their STMR, you still won't get to NV your stupid old unit because lol 20 fragments". Let alone EX+1 if you don't wait for more fragments or UOCS>! (we are still missing the advertised UOC from Alhena's Story event, btw).!<

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The lack of unit fragments ("shards") farming dungeon and improper amount of them from login doesn't help with the lack of excitement FFBE has been having either.

After writing this I thought this should probably have gone to the DHT or the FFBE blog or something because god forbid we have any discussion other than Dark Visions and the flavor of the week unit on the Main sub, so feel free to erase, ban, white knight, be an asshole or whatever.

Just wanted to know what people think about this matter, specially veterans, since the game has been lacking a lot of it's fire lately, I had 10 inactive rank 200+ friends with 30++ days offline on the friend list and enhancements (and a big list of other stuff) are missed.

Feel free to also comment on other stuff that you miss, or has been kept on silence since the NV era started.

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Thanks for the good information you people always have despite the unexcitement of the young NV era, and sorry for the weird english and formatting.

Best of luck.


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