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Murder Bunny’s Revenge – Episode 17: Harem of Chucky

Content of the article: "Murder Bunny’s Revenge – Episode 17: Harem of Chucky"

Esther has decided to try her hand at exorcism, and to practice her craft she has taken aim at the possessed demon dolls, Calcabrina!

So it's a slow week this week, which means time to catch up on some trials with everyone's favorite Thunder Bunny! I'm blasting through all the demon trials in anticipation for King Behemoth to drop soon. I'd like to have a clear plate when that one comes along.

This one was surprisingly easy, even for Esther (2/4TKO), but I owe a great deal of that to my shiny new toy: CG Vaan. He really makes life easy, doesn't he? His breaks are no joke, and the damage that comes with them is nothing to sneeze at either, folks!

The Team

Sylvie – Just here for the buffs and mitigation. Built for HP/DEF/SPR. Nothing special.

Regis – Just here for the 75% demon/fairy killer buffs. Built for HP/DEF/SPR. Nothing special.

Lightning XIII-2 – Pretty much my go-to mag tank now for all my Esther clears. Her lightning imperils are so nice to have on a tank. Built with 100% fire/ice/lightning/water resist. 1.5k SPR.

CG Vaan – 100% evade with Lightning Sabre. All status immune. See build in the link below.

Esther – Stacked with demon killers (225 and 275%) and 50% fairy killer on both. 210% LB dmg. See builds below

The Strategy

Wave 1

Turn 1 (order is important to avoid counter attacks hitting Esther)

  • Vaan- casts AoE fullbreak twice to soak up counters, plus casts provoke.
  • Regis – killer buffs, gen mitigation
  • Sylvie – AoE fullbuff, mag and phys mitigation
  • Lightning – Cover w/ 80% self mag mitigation
  • Esthers – Storm Embrace and Bolting Strike
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Turn 2

  • Sylvie – 300% ATK buff on strongest Esther
  • Regis – LB fill on CD skill if needed for Esthers
  • Vaan – LB
  • Esthers – LB (I wait until the pyroclasm animation bursts and starts to rain down fire before setting of the Esthers)

Wave 2

Turn 1

  • Same as Wave 1

Turn 2

  • Sylvie – 300% DEF/SPR buff on Lightning, mag and phys mitigation (for the heals)
  • Regis – gen mitigation (for the barrier)
  • Lightning – AoE LB fill if needed for Esthers, otherwise LB if available or guard
  • Vaan – LB
  • Esthers -LB (same as Wave 1)

Turn 3

  • Sylvie – 300% ATK buff on strongest Esther, mitigations for the heals
  • Regis – gen mit for the barriers
  • Lighting – LB if not used on Turn 2, otherwise free turn
  • Vaan – use perfect dispel
  • Esthers – 2x bolting strike (I've found that almost any Esther can survive two counters, and this is only to get the big doll below 45% so it breaks up)

Turn 4 (6 dolls)

  • Lightning – Judgement Bolt for AoE 100% lightning imperil
  • Vaan – LB
  • Esthers – LB (just like in Wave 1, Turn 2)

Pretty simple strategy here. Vaan makes it almost too easy.

Hope you all enjoy it, and hopefully it helps someone out there take down this trial!


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