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Murder Bunny’s Revenge – Episode 24: Coeurl Up and Die!

Content of the article: "Murder Bunny’s Revenge – Episode 24: Coeurl Up and Die!"

Now this was a really fun trial! No gimmicks, no RNG shenanigans that end your run no matter how hard you plan for them, and breaks that actually stick! Who could ask for anything more?

This video includes a brief intro for all the fans that have followed the Murder Bunny and Behind the Bunny series. It's just for fun and not necessary to watch so if you just want to get straight to the fight here's a direct link:

If you don't want to watch the whole fight and just want to see how it ends go here:

Before I get to the strategy, here are some tips for those that don't intend to just waltz in and 2TKO this trial with Tifa or really any other NV unit (yes, I'm talking to you Red…you're next!)

  • Always make sure your covers are up when they need to be! The constant switching back and forth between physical and magic attacks every 2 turns can wear you down if you're going the distance, and it's easy to slip up and forget to reapply cover down the stretch.
  • General and mag mitigation are important! Most teams will have a mirage unit somewhere in the mix, so the uncoverable/unprovokable physical hits aren't a problem (however, if you don't have mirage up they do quite a bit of damage unless you have physical mitigation up, as well!). Keeping general and mag mitigation is crucial for survival on longer clears.
  • Coeurl's elemental buffs are only 30%! So don't kill yourself dispelling and reapplying breaks and imperils every turn. A 120%/130% imperil maintained throughout the fight means it'll always be 90/100% imperiled to your element. So just pretend like the buffs aren't there and push on through!
  • Below 30% HP it'll start to hit the team with some fixed AoE damage and a stronger uncoverable/unprovokable mag attack. If you have 50% general and 30% mag mitigation your units should be fine, but have reraise up, just in case!

Now let's get deeper into the weeds, shall we?

The Team

Vaan – for obvious reasons. He's pretty crucial for Esther to clear trials these days since their DEF stats are so obnoxious. But we're living in a NeoVision world now. Better get used to it! He's built full evasion so that I can use…

Rivera – The Conductor herself! Brilliant for this trial as she can turn anyone into an AoE cover tank (in this case Vaan) and throw in some ST 50% beast killer on-demand. She also comes in handy if I need to heal the party while Rena uses her LB (the DoT hits before regen so in some cases this is absolutely critical!). She can also give a single stack of mirage on-demand in case Vaan is too busy to reapply his Jade Parry. Can also remove the team's ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR debuffs and put them on herself, which comes in handy now and then.

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Rena – this trial requires some seriously strong regens to negate the DoT if you plan on going the distance (in this case 22 turns). If you're taking Tifa to 2tko then this doesn't apply to you πŸ™‚ she also has on-demand general and mag mitigation (30 and 35%, respectively) which is handy for those moments when Cecil can't reapply 50% mitigation. Her general mit also comes with debuff resistance so you don't have to worry about Coeurl's breaks. Occasionally, I didn't have the break resists up, but Rivera swoops in a steals 'em in those cases.

Cecil – no mag tank compares to this guy. Sorry, Charlotte, you'll get your turn when you get your NVA πŸ™‚ He's also useful for dinging a stack or two of Coeurl's mirage when needed. When it mag attacks he counters them away, but during physical attack turns he doesn't. If you choose to use this strategy you could try having Rivera give Cecil the physical cover, instead, but I didn't want to chance it.

Esther – This girl is on FIRE!! By that I of course mean she's wielding a fire weapon πŸ™‚ Coeurl dispels itself and the party with some frequency, and if it lands on one of Esther's LB turns then she's just not going to do enough damage to get the <25 turn clear. So since I'm using Vaan anyway, I might as well take advantage of that sweet 130% fire imperil, right? This way Esther can just focus on doing what she does best: murder sh!t

Builds for the whole team are at the end of the video:

The Strategy

So with it being too soon for the Wiki to get updated I had precious little to go on other than the sneak peek provided by @Sinzar but it turns out that's all I really needed. I knew I needed both physical and mag tanks since it switches between physical and magical AoE attacks every 2 turns after the first turn. I considered Ceci and AWoL, but when I remembered Rivera had beast killer buffs in her kit, I knew I fill the physical tank roll with Vaan.

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I also knew I needed the regens for the DoT, so Rena was a no-brainer. The regens on her LB are ridiculous (I think they averaged over 15k HP per turn). Her on-demand regens are only about half as strong, but still more than enough to cover the DoT damage. Her mag mitigation and general mitigation were also handy, as was her LB fillrate buff.

With Vaan keeping up his 130% fire imperils every turn and Esther wielding fire, the damage portion of the fight pretty much took care of itself. Coeurl's elemental buffs are only 30%, so it still maintains a 100% imperil throughout the fight so I don't have to dispel and reapply everything each turn. Just push right on through! Occasionally I would use Vaan's perfect dispel if I wanted to put a little more oomph into the damage on a particular turn (especially for the kill-shot!).

Ultimately, the rotations for everyone are fairly simple:

Esther – T1- Combat Overdrive > Bolting Strike | T2 – 3xBS | T3 – LB | repeat until Coeurl is dead…

Vaan – T1 – True Fire Achilles > Full Breakdown > Jade Parry | T2 – True Fire Achilles > Earthen Eruption > Red Spiral | T3 – LB | T4 – If any breaks/imperils need to be reapplied then do so, otherwise True Fire Achilles > 2x Red Spiral | repeat until Coeurl is dead…

Rena – T1- Mother's Protection > Haste | T2 – Cure All > Reflection | T3 – LB | T4 – Enshelter+ > Haste | T5 – LB, if available, otherwise Cure All > Reflection | repeat until Coeurl is dead…

Cecil – T1 – LB | T2 – Cover > Into the Dark | T3 – 2x Saint Breaker (to knock out Coeurl's mirage) > Into the Light | repeat until Coeurl is dead…

Rivera – T1 – Cover on Vaan > Beast killer on Vaan > Extended Tension | T2 – 2x Beast Killer on Esthers > Raise the Tempo on Esther (only for Esther's first LB) | T3 – Raise the Tempo on other Esther > anything | do not repeat until Coeurl is dead! Rivera is the one unit where the rotation changes depending on the situation. It is imperative that you make sure Vaan has AoE cover on physical turns, that takes priority over killer buffs. She also might need to heal the party (Overture) while Rena uses her LB to make sure no one dies from the DoT before her regen heals them at the end of each turn. You'll notice I don't use her Reverberation CD skill to buff her on-demand skills, and that is because it also adds a light damage attack to all of those skills. Now I didn't test this personally, but apparently if you use more than one element against Coeurl then the retaliation can get quite nasty. So I erred on the side of caution.

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That's about it! I know that's a lot to digest, but if you want a fun trial to play around with this one has been the most enjoyable since Tiamat, for me. It felt like a challenge, but not an overwhelming challenge. Of course, you could just walk in and 2TKO it with Tifa and never look back. To each his/her own πŸ™‚

Thanks for watching and for all your support!

As always, stay murderous, and respect the bunny!


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