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Murder Bunny’s Revenge – S2:Ep3 – Tentacle pr0n!! | Esther takes down Ymir (All Missions)

This was a really fun trial for Esther! While the first two episodes made it clear that Esther can handle the older, easier trials, this one felt more like Esther taking on trials the way she used to in the first season. Enough of a challenge that she's not just breezing through, but still very doable with the right team and strategy!

There is a short intro that follows the story I'm writing around this whole thing (I can't help myself XD) but if you can't stand that crap then here's a direct link to the fight:

I have to thank the brave, the proud, the few redditors that dared build an axe murderer bunny for me on this one:





Even tho your bunnies weren't in this video, they were all used to help me work out the rotation and strategy for this trial, and I am thankful for every bunny friend I can get! So I give you the murder bunny salute: H7

Let it be known that NVA Ignacio is not trash. I honestly could not have done this trial without him (and his juicy, upgraded STMR, ofc). Greg was crucial for the Spear break, and Faisy is pretty critical with her Sonar Healing…oh and her tanking, ofc. But the real MVP of this fight was…Toxic Rain 🙂 yeah, there's no way Esther can do this without taking advantage of being able to poison this thing, even if you can only do it once. The poison actually does as much damage as Esthers LBs, haha.

For those interested, here's the team I ran to knock this one out in 10 turns with only 5 units.

Direct Link to builds:

The Team

Faisy – High elemental resists and maxed HP/SPR. Not much else to say, Faisy does what Faisy does.

NVA Gilgamesh – This dude does so much in this trial, from breaking, to imperiling, to healing (yes healing!). Can't say enough good things about this unit, I hope everyone got their free one a few weeks ago! I only used his Brave Shift form because there was honestly I didn't need his base form. I needed him to start breaking the shell right away. Wielding Naginata and Graco's Trident for killers and ice element. Each hit does 10% of the break bar, so with Iggy helping a little I could break the gauge on Turn 3 and kill the shell. He has 300% LB dmg and 200% aquan killer, so he can help out a bit with the damage.

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NVA Ignacio – Very underrated, but understandably so. His kit is wonky and his damage is subpar. But that axe imperil comes in handy! He's wielding 2 spears in base form with Aurora Scarf so he hits 4 times total with a normal attack (which also imperils fire by 120%). This helps ensure the break gauge goes down on turn 3. He also has Toxic Rain to apply poison on Turn 2. His Brave Shift form is wielding Demon Axe (he doesn't need an elemental weapon since all of his BS attacks are Fire Physical attacks). Gave him as much killers and LB damage as I could which isn't much, but in a tight trial like this every little bit counts!

Esther – Esthers are both wielding Ignition Axe (Ignacio STMR) and unfortunately mine had not been run thru IW so I couldn't build my bunny as strong as I wanted, but thankfully it didn't matter in the end! My Esther only had 175% aquan killer and 2%0% LB dmg without Indestructible Light. My friend luckily had their axe with good IW rolls so they were able to fit in Indestructible Light for the 5x chain cap and even got up to 295% LB dmg!

The Strategy

Important Note: This strategy only works if the poison lasts the full 3 turns!

I'm not sure how interested you might be in replicating this strategy, but here's the Turn-by-Turn rundown of what I worked out.

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Turn 1

targeting the shell*

Gilagmesh uses Peerless Spear x3 (and will repeat until Turn 4)

Ignacio does a regular attack

Faisy puts up her mag cover and mitigation with provoke

Esthers uses Shatter Arms > Combat Overdrive > Bolting Strike

Turn 2

Ignacio uses Toxic Rain (for some reason it always lasted 3 turns if I cast it on Turn 2, but only 2 turns if I cast it on turn 1. Might have been a coincidence, but this is how it worked for me)

Faisy uses Sonar Healing and her LB fill CD skill (need to get her LB up by Turn 5-6)

Esthers uses 2x Storm Calling and Combat Overdrive

Turn 3

Gilgamesh should break the shell on this turn*

Ignacio uses Blazing Stamp

Faisy Brave Shifts and uses Sonar Healing and her Physical Cover Grandis

Esther uses 2x Bolting Strike followed by Shock and Awe (Magnus)

Turn 4

Gilgamesh uses his 85% fullbreak, 120% full imperil, and one other skill (LB fill is good here for Faisy)

Faisy uses Sonar Healing and reapplies her Provoke

Ignacio brave shifts and uses his Axe Imperil and his two finisher skills

Esthers LB (the timing can be tricky. Start about a second after you tap Ignacio)

Turn 5

Gilgamesh uses Enkidu CD skill that applies area effect which gives a 5k HP regen for 3 turns

Faisy shifts back to normal and uses Sonar Healing and her LB fill CD skill

Esthers use 2x Bolting Strike and Shock and Awe

Ignacio caps with his LB

Turn 6

Gilgamesh starts with his LB and while he's winding up for the big hit, Esthers launch their LBs and Ignacio caps with his two finisher skills.

Faisy uses LB

Turn 7

Gilgamesh breaks, imperils, and LB fills the team

Faisy provokes and her AoE Light imbue

Ignacio uses his finisher Grandis Ability (or LB if he has it up)

Esther uses 2x Bolting Strike and Shock and Awe

Turn 8

Faisy uses 8000HP barrier Grandis Ability and Provoke

Gilgamesh usually has his LB up for this turn, but on this run he didn't so I just did breaks, imperils and LB fill again. That's why it took so long for me to figure out what to do on this turn in the video. I was trying to think of a way I could get his LB up, but I had to keep everyone alive so it just didn't work this tie.

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Esthers LB with Ignacio capping with his LB

Turn 9

Faisy uses Sonar Healing and Mag Cover

Ignacio uses his Axe imperil and his finisher skills

Gilgamesh starts his LB

Esthers use 3x Bolting Strike when Greg gets ready for the big hit.

Turn 10

Esthers LB with Ignacio capping his LB.

That's pretty much it! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below. If you want to try this strategy my Esther is currently set up for it in my Fav slot, although I'll be running Ignition Axe thru IW as soon as maintenance is over so it might not be ready until tomorrow.

As always, thanks for watching! Stay murderous, and respect the bunny!


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