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Murder Bunny’s Revenge – Season 2: The Revengeance – Episodes 1 & 2

I figured I'd share some of the fun I've been having with our revamped bunny girl! I ran a poll over on the brave-exvius forums asking where I should begin, and the overwhelming majority wanted a rerun of some of the old trials from Season 1, followed up with Intangir EXT which was where Season 1 ended as pre-reworked Esther couldn't handle the beast back then.

But oh the revenge is so so sweet 🙂

Episode 1 – Ghosts of Bunnies Past

Esther finds herself thrown into the past and must take down some of her old foes.

Here I basically just FTKO or 2TKO everything I could from Season 1, although I made the cutoff at the 300 difficulty rating just to trim the fat, so to speak.

Direct Links to Trials in order:

Demon Wall (FTKO)

Venomous Vines (FTKO both rounds)

Scorn of Aigaion (FTKO)

Chocobo Battalion (FTKO)

Nozuchi (FTKO)

Tiamat (FTKO)

Veritas (FTKO all rounds)

Calcabrina (FTKO both rounds)

Behemoth K (2TKO)

Scorn of Shinryu (2TKO)

Master Coeurl (2TKO)

FTKO Team(s) and Strategy

This is honestly just me having fun with Esther.

Really this all just boils down to getting Esther's LB up on Turn 1. Having Lumina and Relm is great, but they are not required at all for these clears. You could use NVA Yuraisha who has a 40 LB fill and 100% LB boost on her Brave Shift Grandis ability, plus Lenna who has a 30 LB fill on her CD. BBRem also has a 40 LB fill on her CD skill that kills herself. Lots of ways to get it going, really.

Then all you need is an imbue, imperil, and some breaks (if breakable). I liked NVA Lightning because it also comes with a 280% ATK buff and 25% lightning amplifier, but honestly this is overkill for all these old trials. I didn't even need friend units with killers for any of them, I just picked random Esthers off my list since the Easter event is running a lot of people had her in their Event slots.

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2TKO Teams and Strategy

Again, just having some fun here, but the 3 Esther team strategy could potentially come in handy for some other trials!

With this strategy you don't have to worry about getting someone to fill Esther's LB nor do you have to worry about her imbues (unless you can't use lightning, ofc). Esther gets to set herself up with Storm Embrace and Shock and Awe on Turn 1 and then just nuke 'em on Turn 2. Having 3 Esthers is, again, overkill for these old trials, except maybe for Behe since you need both Demon and Beast killers.

Episode 2 – A Dish Best Served Cold

This one felt so damn good that I had to do it twice! XD

The first run again employs the 3 Esther team strategy, but the second clear was much more satisfying as I found a friend unit from the Murder Bunny Army that had properly set up their Esther for it so I only needed 2 Esthers.

I'll put in some direct links for each clear

2TKO with 3 Esthers

I used WM Rosa to wake everyone up, plus her barrage move to whittle the break bar down. It's interesting to note here that Rosa's barrage skill no longer fully breaks the bar in one turn even if you dual cast it. I believe this change was made some months ago, but when I did the clear with Red XIII way back before Rosa's barrage (and I guess all barrage type skills?) were nerfed a bit so they didn't break the gauges as effectively, making units with break skills a bit more valuable.

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So since I had to take this into account, I brought along SoS Lightning, who literally does nothing but T-cast her Rod break skill on Turn 1 to break the bar. This combined with one cast of Rosa's barrage broke the gauge almost every time (I did have one run where it left 1%).

Esthers just do their setup of Shock and Awe followed by Storm Embrace (trying not to push the 80% threshold!)

Faisy is just there to take it to the face, ofc. You could literally use any mag tank you want here, they'll all just be sacrificial lambs.

Turn 2 is just dispelling the buff, using Lightning to reimperil and then let Esther's have at it!

Final damage (with only one Esther geared for killers) was 995 million.

2TKO with 2 Esthers

This is a more traditional team composition, and so I brought along NVA Yuraisha thinking I might need her Beast killer buffs. Turns out I didn't need them, but she at least helped Faisy survive this time XD

For this clear I waited and broke the bar on Turn 2. Doesn't really make a huge difference any way you slice it.

Esthers used Stormbrand > Demag Strike > Shock and Awe

Since the break gauge is still up this didn't push the 80% threshold. You could still use the Storm Embrace > Shock and Awe setup from before too, but this was just something different I wanted to try since the imperil is going to get dispelled anyway.

Turn 2 Yuraisha dispels, Rosa and Lightning break the gauge, Lightning also reimperils.

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Esthers launch their nukes.

Final damage 1.3 billion. Nice!

I put the team builds for this clear at the end of the video:

All in all, this was a pretty fun warm up for Esther! I'm excited to start launching her into some current content, and I think my first foray into new trials will be against Ymir. So if you feel up to it and want to contribute to the Murder Bunny Army, feel free to drop me a line in the comments or send me a chat message.

I'm going to try Ignition Axe Esthers, bringing Ignatio along to take advantage of the fire imperil and his new axe imperil! We'll see how it goes 🙂

As always, thanks for watching! Stay murderous, and respect the bunny!


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