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My July 1 Login Didn’t Count For Me I Guess?

Content of the article: "My July 1 Login Didn’t Count For Me I Guess?"

I've had consistent logins for a long time. I started playing during the Wilhelm banner, or maybe it was Rem, I don't know which of those came first but they were both active when I started. I took a couple breaks here and there, but have logged on every day since last anniversary (so basically a year). I was looking forward to getting the last 4th Anniversary Cohort I Ticket to see which 10 blues I was going to get, when lo and behold I logged in today and that login period was over and a new one had started and I never got the final AnniTicket from that login period. I thought, "Maybe I actually got it and used it without even thinking about it?" (because lets be real, they weren't that exciting), but then I started digging and realized that I didn't get any login rewards on July 1 at all.

So I pinged Support and asked them about it and they replied that "Unfortunately, you were unable to login on July 1 so did not qualify for login rewards that day."

I thought, did I actually log in and play on July 1? I mean, its possible that I didn't. I've been busy, my job has been all consuming, and in my free time I've elected to playing TFT instead of FFBE, etc. And FFBE has been boring enough I don't actually remember doing anything on July 1. So yeah, it was possible. BUT! Then I thought that of course I logged into FFBE because I do it when I take a crap, and I always take a crap everyday (that I can recall), therefore it follows that I took a crap on July 1, which would mean that I must have logged in on July 1. Sound logic!

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I also went and checked my "rewards" history because I figured if I had logged in, then mission completion rewards and whatnot would show up there. Sure enough, I had a whole slog of Story Ch.3 completion rewards I had been working through that were "received" on July 1, and it also showed that I had actually purchased the Omniprism bundle that day (okay, I exchanged lapis for a bundle, not real purchasing but still). So not only had I logged in, I went so far as having actually played the game (!) and even purchased a bundle (!!). And YET, it did not show me receiving login rewards.

Interesting. I've sent them the evidence of my login, so we'll see what happens. Not a big deal to be honest, but I am curious if this has happened to anyone else. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?


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