Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

My thought on this game after e or 4 month of playing

Oh my god this game bad Ok let start

graphics are fuck great one Best one i have seen in long time on mobile

Sound design is good

The story i didnt relly pay attention to it Sory on that

Iam in season 2 in main story

Gameplay is we my problem is The combat is good on some Part But we you get to boss you can see some relly problem The difficulty spik are really bad If you get to some boss you going hit dead wall in till you get very Powerfull

Ok let me explain more The how summon work in this it good and they give you alot mony (lapis) to be fair But there is no us because the amount of unit you need to finsh the game is bulishit Some boss are really op you basically need to one shot them Or you cant survive the next round Boss have to many attack to much Some boss has So much hp It getting out hand

The game relly fun at danger 90 we you still learning stufe But when you get danger 180 or 250 it not real fun

Require to much time and investing into the game to do good

I didnt spend mony on anything

I have 27 level 7 unit I have some good unit like Ac cloud – Paladin cecil- doctor aiden-nicol of the epsoli star-advetur locke

One other big problem you need 2 of same unit to level up to level 7

This problem because the game has RNG summon system And you you need another 2 more unit to get them there STMR

Also there is not alot think to do in this game In my gameplay now iam stuck because i dont have the right unit to beat boss and iam there nothing else to do Exept to wait for luck to give me the right unit to bet the boss

Also evry good STMR and TMR are looked behind unit That i Have to rng summon for it

These problem can be fixed

Like stmr and tmr should not be in unit You should be able to buy them with gold And they should be cheap

Also make boss fighting much more fun Stop one shot kills and same on both side They should be a challenge

Ok that all my opinion on the game What you think agree or you disagree Be nice


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