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Nanaki’s Pride – Episode 1 Supplemental

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So after getting hazed by the Tifanatics, I decided to make a supplemental video showcasing some badassery from our favorite underdog (get it?).

This video includes two separate clears:

The First Clear – OTKO on Turn 4 using Brave Shift LB

The first clear demonstrates Red's LB burst potential. While Red's LB isn't as strong as Tifa's (110x effective mod vs. 160x effective mod…yikes!) and it's a drag that you have to wait until Turn 4, it's still more than enough to OTKO Behemoth (and probably any beast, demon and/or reaper for that matter!). Thus, Red gets to keep his title as the King of Beasts…and Demons…and Reapers!

IMO, Red gets the edge on this one over Tifa for a few reasons. It's much easier to cap both killers, and also much easier to max his LB damage. He's also self-sufficient with his buffs and imbues (and even his LB damage boost if you wait until Turn 5). No need for Xon shenanigans. Unless of course Xon gets his enhancements and can start spreading LB damage boosts around.

The strategy for this is pretty simple, and I'll probably do something similar to Coeurl next week (Esther gets the first crack at it tho!!)

Lunafreya provides LB damage boost (you could also use Rivera or Blue Mage Fina if you have her Mobilize skill)

Fid uses Barfiraga from Carbuncle on Turn 1 so Cecil doesn't die from the fire retaliation. Then gives everyone the AR chain move on T2. She heals on Turn 3 and then chains on T4.

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Vaan does what Vaan does. Uses his perfect dispel on T4.

Cecil does what Cecil does.

Reds just make sure to use their imbues, fire damage boost, Grandis ability for the 300% ATK boost before Turn 4. Don't have to worry about the killers because they'll proc from the counters, but it doesn't hurt to do it anyway just to make sure 📷

On Turn 4 Vaan uses his perfect dispel, Fid and Lunafreya chain with Water Splash, and Reds light it up with their LBs. You do have to be pretty quick on the thumbs to make this work. DC or TC SR chains are much easier to cap because they're so much slower, but I like Fid's AR chain because it's so weak that you really get to see Red doing 99.9% of the damage.

The Second Clear – All-Free-Unit Support Squad Challenge

Direct Link to this clear:

So apparently having an All-Meta support crew just isn't cool anymore? This little challenge actually gave me an excuse to level and awaken Tyro (yay, I got my 20 SOON coins!). He's an interesting unit, and his Tcast SR chain are neat! Used him to chain with friend Red while my Red dropped an LB Bomb. Quite fun!

This was the first time I'd actually seriously used SS Machina as a breaker, too. It took a couple of tries before I realized his fullbreak comes with a dispel, which meant I kept dispelling my own breaks and imperils when I Tcasted it

Anywho, this one was just for fun. I've gotten so used to clearing trials with Esther, where a top tier support squad is currently absolutely necessary, that I forgot what it was like to be able to clear trials in just a few turns.

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I still stand by my statement that support units are always more valuable than damage dealers. I will never pull for another damage dealer (except NV Esther if and when she comes). These NVA units are so stupidly OP that I'll never need another one. Red will last me until Esther wakes up.

Thanks for watching, and I hope this helps someone clear Behemoth for the coins at the last minute!


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