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Nanaki’s Pride – Episode 1: The One True King of Beasts

Content of the article: "Nanaki’s Pride – Episode 1: The One True King of Beasts"

NV Red XIII debuts against Behemoth K to determine once and for all who claims the title of biggest, baddest beastie!

While Esther rests her weary bones, the freshly awakened Nanaki (aka Red XIII) has entered the fray!

This video features 3 different clears and I'll go over the turn-by-turn strategy for each, as well as some helpful tips for using NV Red that I've discovered as I ran this trial over and over. It's funny how Red clears this trial three times in half the time it takes Esther to clear it once. I forgot what it was like to use a stupidly OP unit in a trial XD

Now before I discuss the strategies, here are some helpful tips if you plan to use Red against Behemoth, or any trial for that matter:

  • Cross Aigaion Arm is one of the best (if not the best) equip for him, as he natively can equip fists, and it has a significantly higher (and more consistent) damage variance over Greatswords. I see a lot of GS builds on the FL, but CAA beats all of them in most cases. Even Centurio doesn't really help him that much, as you can see in my third clear without Ignacio. His self-imbue works just fine and fits in his rotation nicely.
  • High Speed Fang must always be the last skill used in a set if you're relying on his 10-stack mirage for survival purposes. This is especially important when using Spirit of Seto for burst damage on Turn 4, as it will overwrite the 10-stack mirage. This also includes any support units that apply AoE mirage such as Vaan or Kimhari.
  • His Brave Shift Form does not include High Speed Fang in the skillset, so I don't recommend using it against Behemoth as you'll lose the mirage. I only used it in the second clear to show off his LB for the kill shot.
  • Use Overhowl on Turn 1 to make sure you don't run out of MP. These NV units are MP hungry, and when you're T-casting skills that cost 70+MP each you're gonna burn through it quickly. His normal form has no innate MP regen, so keep this in mind. His Brave Shift form recovers 50% MP each turn, but you're locked in for 3 turns, so this is a big no-go against Behemoth. It will probably be very useful in other trials, tho!
  • Killer Rave is really only necessary on Turn 1. Red's innate Gaia Guardian ability is a counter move (60% chance) that applies the same 150% active killer buff, and it is practically guaranteed to proc every turn in this trial.
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Now on to the strategy!

First clear: The straight-up 4TKO murder

Turn 1

Vaan: True Fire Achilles > 2x Full Breakdown

Ignacio: Forging Friendships > Critical Stamp > Full Burst Stamp (it is crucial that you use FBS last to not trigger Behe's fire retaliation)

Cecil: Cover > Into the Dark

Rena: Mother's Protection > Enhanced Dispel

Reds: Overhowl > Killer Rave > High Speed Fang

Turn 2

Vaan: True Fire Achilles (to maintain it's uptime) and 2x any other skills.

Ignacio: FW & FA Flame Blast > Critical Stamp

Cecil: 2x any skill > Into the Light

Rena: LB or anything you like if the LB isn't ready.

Reds: Flare Fangs > Lunatic Burst (Grandis) > High Speed Fang

Turn 3

Ignacio: Termination Stamp > Critical Stamp > anything you want

Vaan: True Fire Achilles > 2x Full Breakdown

Cecil: Lunarian Might > Into the Dark

Rena: LB if not used on T2. Otherwise anything you want.

Red: 3x High Speed Fang

Turn 4

Vaan: Assault Strike (just to remove the fire resist buff)

Reds: Killer Rave > Spirit of Seto > High Speed Fang

The Second Clear: 5tko featuring Brave Shift LB finish

Direct link to this clear:

This strategy follows the one above pretty much to the letter until turn 5.

Turn 5

Ignacio: Termination Stamp

Vaan: True Fire Achilles > 2x Full Breakdown

Cecil (chaining with Red 1): 2x Shadowbringer (dark elemental SR chain)

Red 1 (chaining with Cecil): Shadow Charge > High Speed Fang

Red 2 (Brave Shifted): LB

The Third Clear: 5tko with a 5-man team (only 2 units with full evasion)

Direct Link to this clear:

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So I wanted to try this clear as a showcase of how Red can handle things without Ignacio giving him the external imbue. Turns out he does just fine! Then I thought, could I get away with building Cecil with more bulk and strip away the evasion? Sure can!

I thought this one might be helpful for those that can't build a full evade team, as only 2 units have full evasion (Vaan and Lenna).

With this strategy you could easily slot in a finisher like NV Tifa and clear this EZPZ.

This clear requires two important things:
1. A breaker like Vaan who can T-cast breaks (HA Lid should work, too, but then Red would have to use his own imperil, as well)
2. A healer than can T-cast dispel, curaja, reraise

I don't know if this would work with eCharlotte, but you can try! For simplicity sake, Vaan and Cecil basically follow the same rotation as the strats above, so I'll only list Lenna and Red's moves here.

Turn 1

Lenna: Waltz of Tycoon II > Dance of Glimmering Water

Reds: Overhowl > Killer Rave > High Speed Fang (you could try slipping Lunatic Burst in place of Killer Rave, but I like to not worry about the fire resist buff on T2. Red's Gaia Guardians is nearly guaranteed to proc which gives him the 150% killers anyway).

Turn 2

Lenna: Curaja > Reraise > Esunaga (my Cecil didn't have poison resist, save yourself the trouble and put some ailment resist on your tank XD)

Reds: Blaze Charge > Flare Fangs > High Speed Fangs

Turn 3

Lenna: Dispel > Curaja > Reraise (if Cecil died, otherwise Esunaga)

Reds: Lunatic Burst (Grandis) > 2x High Speed Fangs

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Turn 4

Lenna: same as T3

Reds: Killer Rave > Spirit of Seto > High Speed Fangs

Turn 5

Lenna: same as T3

Reds: 3x High Speed Fangs

If Behemoth isn't dead at this point then your Red is going to die if he's in Slot 3. If you're having trouble clearing in 5 turns, then move Red into slot 4 or 5. Just make sure there is a unit you don't really care about in slot 3 or 4, respectively because they'll be taking a nap for the rest of the fight.

That's pretty much it! Sorry for the wall of text, but hopefully this is helpful. Let me know what you think, and if you're interested Join the Pride as Nanaki seeks to eliminate the farplane of all evil!


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