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Nanaki’s Pride – Episode 2: That’s Not My Cait Sith…

Content of the article: "Nanaki’s Pride – Episode 2: That’s Not My Cait Sith…"

…its whiskers are too whippy!

If you're a parent like me (I have a 1yo son) then you probably will get the joke. If not, then you'll really not get the Dad joke at the end of this post. Anyway, my son loves the Usborne Touchy-Feely books written by Fiona Watt, which follows a nameless mouse searching for its possessions (dinosaurs, fairies, teddy bears, etc.). I could go on, but I can actually feel your eyes glazing over, so let's just get on with it, shall we?

So much like the last episode, I've included 3 different clears with slight variations on the strategy. Red shreds this one just as quickly as Behemoth, so if you were successful using Red on that one, then pretty much any of those strategies would work here, too.
The only tips besides the ones I listed in my Murder Bunny clear would be:

  • Bring a beefy mag tank, this thing hits hard. In my second clear I use Lightning for my mag tank, but you need to use her high mag mitigation skills on Turns 2 and 3 to guarantee survival (mine died, but I also forgot to heal her…oops).
  • Tyro is really awesome for this trial, thanks to his SR chains. Not only does he play the role of evade cover tank, he provides the general/phys/mag mitigation and he can T-cast his SR chain with Cecil (if you have him) to build up a chain for the LB bomb, or he can D-cast SR with any DW unit that has Gusty Attack from the Chocobo trial. I thought Tyro would be a throwaway unit, but he's really starting to grow on me. He'll definitely be in all my future free-unit support clears.
  • NV Aerith can actually be a decent healer on this one! For those of you that pulled her and were disappointed with her healer kit, it actually works well on this trial! I don't have her personally, but her 45% on-demand mag mitigation, decent regens, and ability to cure breaks make her a viable healer candidate for this one! But then again, Blue Mage Fina works just as well, if not better, so…yeah…take that however you want.
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So now let's move on to the clears!

1st Clear – 4tko with one Brave Shift LB

This clear is the most straightforward and is meant to show a clear with only one Red being able to Brave Shift for the LB at the end. So if your Red is EX+0 and unable to Brave Shift, this is the strategy you'll want to employ, bringing a friend Red that is EX+1. While I do use an LB to finish, you might not even need to. If I had just chained both Reds with Spirit of Seto somewhere in the T-cast on T4, the kitty would have been torn to ribbons anyway. So you could honestly bring two non-BS Reds and destroy this trial without ever using his LB.

The strategy follows the exact same moveset for the support units as my Esther clear, so I won't repeat it here. You can find the rotations in that thread here:

For the Reds the rotation follows a similar rotation to Behemoth, but it's different enough that I need to write it out here:

Turn 1
Reds: Blaze Charge (if you're going non-elemental, otherwise Flare Fangs) > Killer Rave > Lunatic Burst (Grandis)
Turn 2
Reds: Flare Fangs (if non-elemental, otherwise High Speed Fang) 2x High Speed Fang
Turn 3
Red: 3x High Speed Fang
Turn 4
Red 1: (No Brave Shift | chaining with Cecil): Shadow Charge > Spirit of Seto > High Speed Fang
Red 2: Brave Shift > LB
Alternative Turn 4 (if neither Red has Brave Shift)
Both Reds: Killer Rave > Spirit of Seto > High Speed Fang
If Coeurl isn't dead, then Turn 5 just do 3x High Speed Fang, and that should do it.

Don't forget to kill with an Esper! I forgot on the first two clears because they happened so much faster than my Esther clears, but using Diabolos or Bahamut are ideal on this one.
The 2nd Clear – Free-Unit Support Squad 4tko with double Brave Shift LB finish

Direct link:

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This one was a lot of fun, I'm really enjoying these free unit challenges. Blue Mage Fina was the MVP on this one, thanks to her regens, her LB boost, and for her Gusty Attack chaining with Tyro for the finisher.

Reds follow pretty much the same rotation as above, with the exception of both Reds brave shifting and using their LB on turn 4. As for the support squad, their rotation is as follows:

Turn 1

Tyro (100% evade): Sentinel's Grimoire > Paladin Record > Book of Protection

Fina: I went with the elemental veils for Lightning, but you may want to use Mighty Guard for the barriers, instead (I haven't gotten it yet, personally)

Lightning: Cover (not her CD cover) > anything that doesn't deal lightning damage

Machina: ATK/MAG break > Awakening+

Turn 2
Tyro: free turn (I use Esunaga if one of the Reds gets paralyzed, followed by Curaga, if needed)

Fina: White Wind (Blue Magic)

Lighting: Either of her CD skills for the high mag mitigation.

Machina: Enfeeblement drive > Elemental Weakness > DEF/SPR break

Turn 3
Tyro: same as above

Fina: Mobilize (Blue Magic)

Lightning: Other CD skill for the mag mitigation

Machina: same as above

Turn 4 (order is important)
Machina: same as above

Tyro (chaining with Fina): 2x Book of Aggression

Fina: Gusty Attack (Fina will need to be dual-wielding for the attack to proc twice!)

Lightning: Summon Diabolos/Bahamut (mine died, but if you learn from my mistake and actually heal her on Turn 3 then she should still be alive)

Reds cap the chain with their LBs. If you don't have Brave Shift Reds then follow the alternative turn rotation stated above.

The 3rd Clear – The LB bomb test

Direct link:

So this one was just for fun to test if Red could do 800 million or more damage (100% of Coeurl's HP), and sadly this one just wasn't meant to be. If I got lucky with two high rolls on the damage variance then it is technically possible (if you pause at the end of my 2nd clear, you'll see my Red do 400 million damage), but I don't want to mislead you and tell you it's guaranteed to do the trick this time (unlike Behemoth).

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The average 1-hit damage was closer to 370 milllion on this one. But honestly, if we have to wait 4 turns anyway, we're not just gonna twiddle our thumbs until then. By Turn 4 the Coeurl should be at or below 50% HP, anyway, and at that point I can guarantee that the bomb will destroy this kitty cat.

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Nanaki's Pride, and hopefully it helps someone out there clear this trial!
Now, as promised, here is my Dad Joke of the Day:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Dishes who?
Dishes a terrible dad joke!

…I'll see myself out.


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