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Nanaki’s Pride – Episode 8: Rage Against the Machine

Content of the article: "Nanaki’s Pride – Episode 8: Rage Against the Machine"

So Omega is not a trial well suited to our beloved Nanaki. I tried a lot of different team compositions but the best I could do was 11 turns with a 5-unit team. I could do 9 turns with a 6-unit team, but that wasn't good enough for me. So in the end I chose a non-Red friend unit to get this one done. Enter Nalu 🙂

*note: if you're not a fan of the politically-charged, rap-rock stylings of the band Rage Against the Machine then you may wish to hit the mute button during the battle 🙂

It was a tough decision to make, not bringing a friend Red XIII, but now I'm thinking this might open things up a bit on future episodes.

The intro is a bit longer on this one, but it's a pretty important one as it sets the stage for the future of Nanaki's Pride. I'm going for a theme of making new and powerful friends so that Nanaki doesn't feel like he has to carry all the weight on these. This is my narrative explanation for using other friend units besides Red XIII in future trials, such as the upcoming Chimaera EXT.

If you want to skip straight to the fight, here's the direct link:

I won't go into too much detail on the strategy with this one since I don't think anyone really wants to try and replicate this clear, but if you want to try running this team with another Nalu in place of Red XIII I think it would make things go even faster! I will relay some tips for this one:

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This clear employs a double smoke bomb (Turns 2 and 5) which you can achieve by putting reraise on Xon and killing him on Turn 4. Once he reraises, it refreshes his guts (if that's how you're activating the HP threshold) and his ability that procs smoke bomb. You can theoretically do this as many times as needed to avoid those damn hybrid attacks.

Nalu can imbue a team member with lightning (she doesn't really need it herself) so it's really easy to give it to Xon and have him spread the wealth. If you're using two Nalus, however, you might consider using it on each of the them as it also gives a 50% LB boost.

Nalu's Brave Shift LB has a 100% chance to inflict paralyze to Omega on Turn 6! No need for Toxic Rain on this clear 🙂

Nalu gobbles up the MP so make sure you either door and pot her MP, give her MP refresh, or bring an MP battery if you plan on using her.

Thanks for watching, everyone! I hope to keep Nanaki going as long as I can, but these trials aren't going to get any easier so we'll see what happens. Chimaera will be an interesting one, but I'll go ahead and tell you I don't intend to do a 999+ turn clear with two Reds, but I do have a theoretical cheese strat he could employ to do so XD

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