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Not Toying Around (Elf Off the Shelf) 2TKO w/ 2 Free Slots

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Not wanting to waste nrg into Elena's event, I started looking for other things to do. I was grinding Scorn of Venomous Vines but clicked the wrong tab and ended up staring at "Not Toying Around" which I had only cleared once back in the day because it was over-tuned. With all our new toys, I decided to build a team to farm the missions.

This clear requires three specific units that most people have and a fourth unit that potentially has multiple options. After that there are two free slots which could literally be any two units. You'll use these slots to grind the extra missions. Note that this guide does not include the 5 limit bursts and evoke esper missions, but it shouldn't be hard to tweak the guide for that if you so choose. We'll be bursting Turn 2.


Tifa BS – 100% wind resist, LB damage, spirit killer. If using the builder, add a 300% ATK buff, 250% LB buff, and 200% spirit killer buff as well as an 80% break to DEF using the boss's stats, 120% ice imperil and imbue, and max chain modifier and you should be hitting around 850k damage (I'm hitting 880k).

  • Turn 1: Brave Shift – Concentration + Awakened Fighting Spirit + Crashing Waves
  • Turn 2: LB

Regina – 100% wind resist, enhanced. Killer buffer.

  • Turn 1: Anti-Fairy Module ( + Power Generator if ATK buff needed)
  • Turn 2: (if extra damage needed) Penta cast into Regina Cannon
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Mastermind Xon – 100% evade, provoke, wind resist. Phoenix with Auto-Med. Item equipped that can cure confusion (eye drops, smelling salts, etc.).

  • Turn 1: Critical Steal Regina, Critical Steal NV Akstar (Element Steal if ice imbue if using different unit), Project
  • Turn 2: Triple cast AMoE

Awakened Dragon Akstar – 100% wind resist. Ice imperil/imbue. ATK buffer. Chainer.

  • Turn 1: Whirl of Blizzards + Reigning Blade – Nation Division + Destructive Blade – Glacial Fissure
  • Turn 2: Repeat (or triple Glacial Fissure if more damage needed)

Random 5th Unit – Wind weapon, Bushido Freedom. (100% wind resist if you still need No Death mission).

  • Turn 1: (Targeting Tifa) Bushido Freedom

Random 6th Unit – (100% wind resist if you still need No Death Mission)



This is pretty quick to repeat once you get in the flow of things. MM Xon will get hit with confusion but Auto-Med will clear it. Make sure you restock your item of choice before getting to 10 clears as you'll be repeating this a lot. Order is important. Tifa goes first, switching to BS and doing her normal LB buffs. Make sure you have a way of getting the remaining 5 orbs (either from Call of the Wild equipped to non-BS or passively generating them between turns). She will now be imbued with water. NEXT your random 5th unit will target the team and Bushido Freedom to remove Tifa's water imbue. Because our team has 100% wind resist and our 5th unit has a wind weapon, they take no damage. Tifa's LB buff and gauge will remain intact. Next apply Regina's buff and AD Akstar's buff and imperil/imbue. MM Xon steals Regina's killer buff and, because Akstar's imbue is AoE, steals Akstar's ATK buff instead.

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Your team will only take wind damage. Everyone should be immune except your free slot units who are free to die if you've already completed the No KO mission. On turn 2 you can repeat Akstar's turn 1 rotation (they are all AMoE chains) while chaining with MM Xon's AMoE. Tifa caps the chain with her LB for the clear. If you need more damage, you can also cap with Regina and triple cast Glacial Fissure with Akstar. I didn't do this as it was quicker to hit reload on Regina and Akstar each clear.

"Waaaa…I don't have NV Akstar"

Tifa, MM Xon, and Regina are all easy to get at this point. Akstar…not so much. Any unit who can imperil ice for 120%, imbue ice to at least themselves, and can chain with MM Xon turn 2 SHOULD work. BB Rem, WH Raegen, Kurasame, and Physalis could all work. You'll need to get your ATK buff from Regina and you'll also want to push your damage from Regina and your chainer replacement as high as you can to make up for the 50% ATK reduction, but it should be possible if you have the gear. If you don't have the gear/units, then you probably lucked out and had the units to get a perfect DV score this week (which I do NOT have) so you can't win 'em all!


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