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NV Dark Veritas is pretty decent, my dudes.

Content of the article: "NV Dark Veritas is pretty decent, my dudes."

So Dark Veritas got a NV this week, and apparently the reception has been lukewarm, at least compared to the Tifa madness we saw for the last 2 weeks. Let's start by being real: it's for a good reason. Tifa is game breaking and free, Dark Veritas is not nearly as exciting.

Although he isn't free, he's a bit F2P friendly ahem. If you have 2 of him (reasonable, since he is rather old) you could get his STMR specific moogle and fragments to NV0 him from the exchange shop, and maybe NV1 via login rewards? (I have no idea what the heck is going on there). In case anyone is wondering: no, he's probably not worth any UoCs.

I'm not a math guy, but I know some people are liking the dude. He's currently sitting in the top 3 of Global as damage dealer, behind NV Cloud and NV Rain, but ahead of NV Tifa and Kuja.

What's the catch? Mainly two, firstly, Dark Veritas is not Tifa, meaning he's not One Punch Man, he won't clear every single trial by himself (+ some flood chains). While he does more AVERAGE damage than Tifa, she is so much better than him because of her fatality finisher LB, it's hilarious. There's no comparison here, folks.

Second, he's kind of locked to Dark. His damage potential falls a lot without his edgy Dark elemental "Blade of Carnage" skill. His options for imbues/non elemental are "Dark Blade of Vengeance+" (SR), and "Dark Punishment" (DR), which is a rather ironic and confusing naming scheme. Between the way lower modifiers (it's like half) and losing the heavily backloaded hit of "Blade of Carnage", Dark-less Veritas would probably be competing with non NV era units. Not cool, man.

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He actually has some great killers. 100% Beast/Dragon/Human, three common enemy types, he can also grant 75% Beast/Dragon/Human to himself while also imbueing Dark, which is very Xonable.

He also has a AoE 75% ATK/DEF/MAG Break on a decent SR chain, which is a fullbreak unless you're using hybrids. Pretty good.

There are some weird LB Damage stuff going on, and while his LB animations are straight fire, I'd advise against investing on this stuff because the damage just isn't there. Use Tifa instead.

Overall, Darkeritas is a pretty decent T-SR chainer, probably more useful for people that don't have NV Cloud or NV Rain and want to chain their Tifas with someone. Even in his worst case scenarios, he will usually do better than other SR chainers like Ifrit Rain, AC Tifa and Edward Elric (who even uses these guys? They're like 4 months old, that's almost 5 metas ago ffs)


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