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NV Elena’s Magic DV Usefulness

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I've been vocal in the last day about how I think Elena is getting a bad rap, especially for DV content. It's no secret that her numbers are good overall, now, but she still gets written off for DV. I may be wrong in a lot of places, but here are some things that I keep hearing:

Her damage is halved in DV:

It might be lower, but when I build her for Magic damage, I can get her at least on part with Aerith Q-Cast and in her element. Since I'm using my own gear, Aerith can pull ahead with certain killers, but she's still currently the top magic damage dealer, so that's not really a knock.

Future NV Mages are much more powerful:

This can be true, but there needs to be a million asterisks after this statement. Some are better because of their LBs in rotation. Some are the better in their respective element. Some are amazing because they are finishers, not chainers. But to me, it sounds like a comparison of a lot of units to 1 unit. Elena currently puts up Aerith level damage (given you have the gear) and can use physical killers and imbue elements. She also has the luxury of being part of the T-Cast BS family which currently has 4 other imbue-able units in it (Ace, Rem, XWQL, and Yoshikiri…and even OG Elena). Sure there's a lot of Q-Cast CWA mages, but their elements are all over the place and if you're looking to do more damage in the chain, you're sharing a smaller selection of killers. You'd have to pull a whole roster of these guys to really start saying Elena is no longer useful. Even if everything I just said is wrong, I don't see how a small selection of powerful future mages actually hurts Elena's worth now and the relatively near (current JP) future.

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Lack of safety net makes her not worth going for:

Can't argue that. That can be said about every unit, even with a safety net since the safety is usually only to relevant to those that dig deep. I'm not advocating going for her, I'm just saying she has a strong use case that I don't think is nullified by future prospects.

TL;DR Given you can gear her, Elena is an excellent DV magic chainer, and a selection of units now and down the road don't change that. Please though, I'm not as hardcore with math and rotations as many actual contributors, so please tell me reasons I'm overvaluing her or am wrong.

Bonus: Her CDs in her Brave Form puts up some spicy numbers after using her LB. Not Tifa level, but great in a pinch for a finisher.


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