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NV Faris Primer

Well lookee here, we got ourselves another evoke unit! Since I did a wonderful primer on Terra I figure I will do one on Faris and just "Find and Replace" Terra with Faris for easy karma whoring.

A couple of things first, this is not a unit review: Faris is great. There, review done. This is not a Stingy Should You Pull: No, you should have gotten Terra or wait for Lunafreya. Stingy people don't care about capping DV.

So what is this then? A practical guide on how to actually use her, how to gear her and who to team her with.

How to Use Her

LB Finisher aka Wind Terra

This is the most Terra-esque thing you can do with her. We are going to set her up and then knock the enemies down.

In order for this to work, Faris must START the battle in her Brave Shift mode, this will allow her to revert to normal form on Turn 2 without having to wait for the cooldown.

Quickest Burst

Turn 1: You Need to Start in BS

  • Pirate’s Ahoy – Full LB fill, 250% LB damage buff, 120% wind imperil
  • Syldra’s Roar – 300% MAG buff
  • Full Breakdown – 80% Fullbreak, but mostly SPR is what we want

Turn 2: Normal Shift


Her LB is a single hit, so she will want support chains.

You can also push the LB to Turn 3 and on Turn 2 use:

  • Aero Cannon – 130% wind imperil
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Maximum Damage

For her max damage, follow along the wiki rotation with still starting in BS form

Syldra's Roar + Blessed Fire Crystal + Blade of Courage
3x Blade of Courage
2x Blade of Courage + Pirates Ahoy
(Normal Shift) Aero Cannon
Thunderstorm (LB)

Fire Chainer and Breaker

Unlike Terra, Faris can actually do more than one thing! If you keep her in her BS form then she can be a competent fire chainer/breaker. Similar to Vaan, but lacking that sweet, sweet re-applying mirage.

I’m too lazy to actually turn this out for you, but you’ll want to focus on Blade of Courage while applying her breaks when needed and her BS LB for the 85% breaks. BoC is a AMoE fire-locked skill that she can triple cast so it would be easy enough to find someone to pair this with. These skills are FULLY PHYSICAL. Do not build her BS form for MAG or for evoke. In fact, let’s get into the next part…

How to Gear Her

To continue from above, both her forms have the 6x chain cap and innate DW. So you do absolutely want to go for a TDW build with her. I won’t cover her BS form in depth, except to say she’s sitting at 150% innate physical TDW so just 50% more is what she needs. Then the standard physical killers and high ATK on her. You don’t technically need her TMR or STMR, but it does change her normal attack to a sword break skill which can be handy.

Normal Form

Her normal form is going to be built for evoke damage. If you don’t know what that is, or the particulars about it then go look at the Terra Primer linked above.

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Before we begin, let’s see what her passives are:

  • EVO MAG: 60%
  • EVO DAMAGE: 180%
  • LB DAMAGE: 100%
  • MAG TDW: 150%

She is sorta like a flip-flopped Terra. High on EVO DAMAGE, low on EVO MAG. Let’s throw on her active skills as well:

  • LB DAMAGE Buff: 250% (so 350% total)
  • MAG Buff: 300%

The builder isn’t fully updated yet, but you are going to want:

  • Rydia’s Headband
  • Yuna’s Clothes
  • Ravenheart
  • High MAG accessory
  • Lunafreya’s STMR
  • Yunalesca’s STMR
  • LB Materia(s)

Remember Evoke damage does NOT use killers.

Notice I’ve left out the weapons… because that really depends on if you are using rod imperil or not. We are again emulating Terra in that with rod imperil it will be Faris’ STMR + Black Roselia and without it then 2x her STMR or her STMR and Terra’s STMR.

Who to Team Her With

Well this is new… Terra didn’t give a shit who she was teamed with. Just some support chains, SPR break and maybe a higher fire imperil was all she cared about. Faris however, can be boosted a lot by other units and in turn boost those units. So let’s look:

NVA Bartz

If you haven’t read Jon’s Future AMP then you should as that covers it better. But basically Bartz has a 45% wind amp that Faris can use. It gets pretty confusing as to when amps work with evoke damage, but I’ll try to make it easy.

Area Effects: Work on attack type. So these will basically never work with evoke damage as evoke damage is a fixed type attack.

Active Skills: Work on damage type. Since these evoke skills do magical damage, any active skill use that boosts wind magic damage will work.

Blessed Wind Crystal:
Increase wind physical damage (45%) for 5 turns to all allies
Increase wind magic damage (45%) for 5 turns to all allies

So you absolutely want to be running Butz along with Faris. He also has Entrust if you want to pop off Faris’ ridiculously costly 100 crystal LB more often.

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Who Faris Helps

Faris can put up an area effect for Water/Earth/Lightning/Wind at 25% for physical damage only. The first three are from summoning specific espers and the Wind amp is from her own LB. These stack with active skill amps and with DV stage buffs.

All’s Faris in Love and War

Well, I think that covers the basics. If anyone smarter than me (not a high bar) has anything to add or correct, then please do so. I have not used Faris so right now I’m pretty much just talking out my ass… as usual.


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