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NV Mage comparison

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Given the amount of players who struggled to put a dent in Leviathan this last DV, I thought I'd look ahead and consider how I'm gonna budget out my lapis amongst future NV mages.

So, here's a table of the NV mages we know are coming. I've put an assumed date of arrival, based on the JP schedule. For the assumed date, I've gone by actual date of release, not the number of banners between now and then. JP is on a 10-day schedule as opposed to our 7 day schedule, but we've got GLEX units in the extra time, and we already know NV Elena and Swole Auron Yoshikiri are incoming.

I've included CG Kuja as a benchmark. I've left out summer faisy, because while they can do phys-type-magic damage, they do about as much as WC Ace and BB Rem. I've also left out NV Onion Knight. They have one hybrid move, and it does 128x phys and 32x mag.

Numbers courtesy of u/Fatalderp's very handy DV spreadsheet.

Not all the units had tmr builds in the spreadsheet, so I used the STMR builds for this comparison. I made a few rough tmr builds myself, and they generally run at around 70-80% of the damage. Physalis is most hurt by switching to a tmr build, unless you have the Wind Sprite's Spear+ (which was free). By my rough assessment, tmr build Physalis with that spear is about on par with Emperor – slightly more burst, slightly less dpt.

Unit DPT Burst Elements type DoA
NV Physalis 420b 777b ice chain/finish nov. (late)
Emperor 269b 438b fire finish oct. (mid)
NV Sol 198b 227b ice, dark chain sept (late)
NV Aerith 186b 228b light chain this week?
BS Sakura 161b 254b lightning (chain)*/finish sept. (late)
S. Fitra 154b 185b light chain oct (late)
Dark Fina 143b 195b wind/(earth)/(dark)** chain/finish** sept. (late)
LM Fina 90b 90b light chain nov. (late)
CG Kuja 43b 57b fire/light chain
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*: BS Sakura can technically chain, but her chaining family is Graviton Cannon, which is rare. She does roughly similar, but slightly less dpt and burst as a chainer

**: Dark Fina does slightly less damage as an earth chainer, and slightly less again as a dark finisher

We're expecting Starlight Elena sometime this month, and she'll almost certainly be an ice/light hybrid. It remains to be seen if she'll be element locked or imbueable. For fights like Dark Visions, which strongly prefer a type of damage, she'll do less damage as a result of being hybrid – some of which can be made up for by her ease of access to killers.

If you're looking at elemental spread, NV Sol's banner has him (ice, dark), Dark Fina (wind/earth/dark), and BS Sakura (lightning) on it, for a total of 5 elements. Personally, I'm probably gonna pull on his banner and Physalis's I think. I'd like Emperor too, but a) I have no copies of him at the moment, and b) he's on NV Firion's banner, who I'm not particularly interested in. I would consider Aerith to, if she wasn't coming the same month as Elena/Yoshi


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