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On Maxing Bahamut: How much does one need?

This week, GL will be getting the oft discussed Bahamut 3 star. He includes some lovely utilities in more Killer Access and a buyable 50% Break Gauge passive that you can than slot onto any unit (Need help with Bahamut's own EXT Heavenly Flames trial, anyone?) This isn't a review though, that's just data you can look up!

As many have noted, the costs to max him are egregious. All of his new skills cost a minimum of 100 SP and a maximum of 350 SP for that spicy Break Gauge buff. I've seen a few numbers floating around in how much you need exactly to max him, so with the help of /u/Sinzar offering me the image of his grid, I tried to calculate what I would need, as I was especially relieved to take the edge off as I've already maxed his 2 Star grid entirely via plugging Ore into him.

Assumptions: For calculations, we're counting the SP needed to max Bahamut's grid.

I don't remember the SP gained by actually leveling him with Magicite/Supercite, and I don't know if you get more leveling his 3 Star form, so that can and will reduce the following numbers to some extent. **The following numbers exclude the free SP from leveling Bahamut up.

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Colorless Ore is the cheapest craft, so I've calculated Ore and Relic costs based on this.

To Max Bahamut

You need, from scratch, 4,700 SP to max every skill on his grid.

  • Thus, you need 2,350 colorless Ore

  • In total: 32,250 Relics

  • Another few users (/u/Cognosci and /u/Kordrun) added in that at 2 Stars, Bahamut gains 225 SP from leveling up, and an additional 556 from leveling up at 3 stars. Thus, you can subtract 781 SP from the totals, giving us some new counts. (This, I think, still excludes his 1 star SP.

  • To max grid: 3,919 SP

  • Colorless Ore needed: 1,959.5

  • Relics needed: 29,392

Oof. That's a big investment. We won't be doing that for awhile. But how much does it help if, like me, you've already maxed his 2 star? Are you a bit ahead? (Spoiler alert, not as much as I'd hoped)

If you already Maxed 2 Star Bahamut's Grid You do get a discount for this one, though not a big one.

From here, you need 3,860 more SP to max him.

  • Thus, you need 1,930 colorless Ore.

-In total: 28,950 Relics.

However, yet again accounting for the free 556 SP from leveling from 2 to 3 star, we can refine those numbers.

  • To max grid: 3,304 SP

  • Colorless Ore needed: 1,652

  • Relics needed: 24,780

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And, finally, some BONUS calcs I'm editing after some help from y'all in the comments!

If you already Maxed 2 Star Bahamut's Grid AND want to skip all the evocation fluff nodes

From here, you need 2545 extra SP for the killer and break bonuses (TY to @Sinzar for the extra calc I left out, this includes the free SP you get for leveling him)

  • Thus, you need 1,272 Colorless Ore

  • In total: 19,087 Relics (One must note, as several of y'all threw in the comments while I was at work, skipping the evocations is a BIG discount)

For some context and point of comparison: I'm a day one player who never gave up on expeditions and had run them every day. I have reasonably maxed all my espers and used a good chunk of Ore getting the killers on every esper, though I haven't maxed them.I currently have 5,000 Relics, putting me at about 1/6th of his grid, give or take a few minutes SP from leveling him up.

Happy Expedition grinding folks! Time to bust out some advance tokens.


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