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Physalis and Moog use Omega for Target Practice!

Content of the article: "Physalis and Moog use Omega for Target Practice!"

I'll start by saying this is not a 2/3TKO clear. We have more than enough of those already. Here I take an opportunity to test out NV Physalis as a pure chainer. Since Omega is a 5-unit trial it's not easy to pull off support chainers for her LBs, so she gets to do it all on her own this time!

What you see here was the end product of more than a dozen failed attempts, but this is the safest route based on the units I have at my disposal. When I first went into this fight, I had Vaan in place of mmXon assuming that his 80% ATK/MAG breaks plus one stack of mirage plus Char's 50% gen/80% mag mitigations (and even a 30% physical mitigation thrown in from Cowered Courage materia) would keep everyone alive through the hybrid attacks…nope!! Everyone died except Charlotte. Awesome.

So I tried having everyone guard on that turn. Nope. Everyone died. So then I decided to switch Relm for Rena for some buffs and reraise and general survivability. That kept everyone but Physalis alive. Glass cannon indeed.

In the end I had to rely on Xon's smoke bomb for the first round of hybrid attacks on Turn 2. This allowed everyone to survive since it gives 5 stacks of mirage against the 4 hybrid attacks. Sweet! But what about Turn 5? You only get one smoke bomb so I had to figure out a way to keep everyone alive on that one. Luckily Xon can steal Charlotte's reraise and spread it around to everyone. His LB gives 2 stacks of mirage. The reraise turned out to be just a precaution on Turn 5, but can still be used as a valid strategy if you need to deal some extra damage on that turn instead of guarding.

Now I discuss the team and write out the turn-by-turn rotation in the video, but I'll write out some of it here in case you prefer seeing it written out to follow at your leisure.

The Team

**Everyone has 100% fire resist for the pre-emptive attack!*

Mastermind Xon – this is the first time I've actually used Xon in a trial, I typically only use him for DV. He doesn't really do any shenanigans here, he's acting like a true support unit here! Built for passive provoke, 100% fire resist, and guts so I can activate Smoke Bomb on Turn 2. He has his TMR for the stop resist, and Lucid Lenses for the guts. If you prefer using the Graviga tactic to activate smoke bomb then go for it! This is just the way I prefer to do it.

Relm – for the rod imperil, ofc. I think Physalis could do it without her rod imperil, but it would be close. If you don't have Relm you can also use NV Locke's throwing weapon imperil and put Wild Cards (CG Ace TMR) on your Physalis. Relm also comes in handy as an LB fill and MP battery because Physalis will chew through some MP on this one, even with 30% MP reduction from Heliolite. However, Relm's LB/MP refresh ability deals fixed damage to herself so she's built with 16k HP for this reason. Also gave her Toxic Rain for the paralysis on Turn 5.

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NVA Charlotte – You don't really need an NV tank here, but Charlotte comes with innate ice resist to offset the Phoenix espers 50% ice reduction. Built for 250% fire/ice resist since Omega's imperils are 150% to both. The A New Journey VC is really handy on this one if you bought it (it was the first of these 1500 lapis VC bundles we get every now and then, not sure if it will come back around again). It comes with 40% fire/ice resist at lvl10. She has Phoenix esper for the Phoenix Guard ability that gives caster an 80% HP reraise for 3 turns. Xon can then steal this and spread it to the whole team, if necessary.

NV Physalis – Built with 100% fire resist in base form and 250% magic machine killer. Don't have to worry about LB buffs on this one since she's a pure chainer here. My friend unit knows how much I love Esther and put Storm Bunny Jacket on theirs because it actually comes with both physical and magic machine/stone killers. You lose the flat mag, but 50% killers makes it worth it, especially if you have a good VC with high flat mag. I unfortunately have had zero luck on NV mages (Physalis the exception and even that was a 40k pity summon) so my best VC is still SElena's.

Builds are discussed at the beginning of the video.

The Strategy

***This rotation is fully spelled out in the video, but if you prefer having a written version outside of the video this is for you 🙂

Turn 1

Physalis Brave Shifts and uses Magic Gunner Type > Load Limit Shot > Moog Bullet (Grandis)

Relm uses Would You Pose for a Portrait? (rod imperil) and Masterpiece Sketch (LB fill/MP refresh)

Charlotte uses her cover and 80% AoE mag mitigation (this is so Xon doesn't die from Relm's attack next turn)

Xon does nothing.

Turn 2

Physalis uses Magic Ice Bullet > 3x Strongest Ice Shot

Relm uses Masterpiece Sketch and Magic Drawing (targeting Xon). Make sure you choose Masterpiece Sketch as the first action, or else you won't be able to target Xon.

Xon uses Smoke Bomb.

Charlotte uses 2x Healing Glory

Turn 3

Physalis reverts to normal form and uses Strongest Ice Shot > Magic Ice Bullet > 2x Strongest Ice Shot (after it's first use on Turn 2, Magic Ice Shot should no longer be the first action in the set to make sure you've hit the 6x cap when the bit hit comes. If you cast it first you'll only be at ~4x when the burst hits)

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Relm uses 2x Masterpiece Sketch (this should give Physalis a full LB gauge for next turn, but make sure you cast this after Physalis has cast her skills)

Charlotte uses Phoenix Guard

Xon uses Survival Mirror (on Charlotte) > Projected Mirror > Mystical Mirror (make sure you target Omega or else it won't seal the dispel. Found this out the hard way)

Turn 4

Physalis reloads and repeats. If for some reason her LB gauge isn't full then just use 4x Strongest Ice Shot

Charlotte uses LB

Xon uses Grand Reversal (very important that you use this after Physalis deals her damage as it will fully dispel Omega before applying the breaks!)

Relm guards (you could potentially have Relm kill Xon so he reraises which should refresh his guts and ability to proc Smoke Bomb. I haven't tested this personally, but I think it would work if you want to go that route)

Turn 5

Xon uses LB which gives everyone 2 stacks of mirage

Charlotte Brave Shifts and uses her Grandis ability which gives everyone a 300 SPR buff and 90% mag mitigation.

Everyone else guards. If Physalis does not guard there is a very high probability that she will die, but she should have reraise up so if you really need to deal some extra damage this turn to make sure you get the 10-turn mission then go for it! The following turn is just a setup turn, anyway.

Turn 6

Xon gets Xonned out by Omega

Relm uses Toxic Rain to paralyze Omega

Charlotte uses Phoenix Guard (this is a precaution in case Omega breaks out of paralysis on Turn 8, in which case it'll use the tank killer nuke).

Physalis follows her setup from Turn 1.

Turn 7

Relm uses Would You Pose for a Portrait?

Physalis follows her rotation from Turn 3 (if you died on Turn 5 she'll need to follow her rotation from Turn 2 to reapply the mod boost to Strongest Ice Shot)

Charlotte uses 2x Healing Glory

Xon summons an esper

Turn 8

Physalis reloads and repeats. If this doesn't kill Omega then continue reloading and repeating until death…either yours or Omegas.

Everyone else guards.

In my case the Searcher didn't have the stones to fully execute its Self-Destruct function. This must be some kind of glitch because I did multiple runs with this crew and this only happened ~50% of the time. I did a few clears on Turn 7, 8 and 9 and it made no difference. Sometimes the Searcher killed itself, sometimes it left 1HP. This could be a potential problem if you kill Omega on Turn 10 only to have the Searcher screw you out of your turn count mission.

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If you are left with a Searcher on Turn 9 then make sure you use physical attacks since it is 100% mitigated against magic. It also has 50% evasion so throw multiple attacks at it to make sure one lands.

So there you have it! I finally had an excuse to do a demo of Physalis as a pure chainer XD

Hope this helps someone either clear this trial, or better understand NV Physalis as a unit.

As always, thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the next episode of Nanaki's Pride which I'm currently working on. Omega will be a bit tricky for Red, but I have a plan and I think it might just work 🙂


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