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Player-friendly Things to consider before using lapis for Yoshikiri

Content of the article: "Player-friendly Things to consider before using lapis for Yoshikiri"

Note that I said this would be player-friendly… I did NOT say it would be Gumi/SQEX-friendly… with that said…

I urge you strongly to consider not pulling with lapis on the Yoshikiri/Itachi banner…

Why? You ask?….

Well… The top reason by a wide margin is…

1) There is no safety net. You can spend 50k, 100k, 200k… heck… upwards of INFINITE lapis and still not be guaranteed one Yoshikiri.

Need more reasons? Sure…

  • 2) His kit only has a total of +25% TDH SPR in his passives.
  • 3) His STMR only has +25% TDH SPR
  • 4) Even with his VC equipped at LVL 10, his STMR equipped, and his passives, he still only has a total of +75% TDH SPR.
  • 5) His LB modifiers are lack-luster even for a SPR-based physical type magic damage unit… (50x at base NV form and 70x at brave shift form)… by comparison, WC Ace's LB is 72x and BB Rem's is 60x.
  • 6) He only has one skill which grants 50% general mitigation and it only lasts for ONE TURN, he gives a mere 25% or 20% mitigation on turns when you do not re-cast the 50% mitigation skill.
  • 7) His TMR has only 120 SPR and they want him to be a TDH SPR unit… so you'll end up dual-wielding anyway… and…
  • 8) He doesn't get a 6x TDW chain cap increase so don't expect him to do much more damage than XWQL could do… (XWQL DOES have the 6x chain cap and that unit was released how long ago?)
  • 9) HUGE NEGATIVE (IMO): His AoE mirage skill cannot be part of his triple-cast and it's on a 5-turn cool-down and he has no other aoe mirage skill so he's not going to help very often with mirage. XWQL's mirage skill is NOT on a cooldown and CAN be part of a triple-cast.
  • 10) He also cannot triple-cast his 300% SPR boost and 250% all stat boost to one OTHER ally cool-down skill and it costs 19 LB crysts to cast.
  • 11) His 90% magic mitigation skill to ONE ally and 20% (so 2 years ago) general mitigation to the rest of the party cannot be triple-casted and it costs a whopping 38 LB crysts.
  • 12) His SPR stat may be difficult for you to reach higher levels than XWQL… a 7-star unit from a year ago… which has a 6x modifier cap when dual-wielding… Yoshikiri does NOT have a 6x TDW chain modifier and I'm not even sure if he'll have a TDH variance when single-wielding…. I believe it needs to be a 2-handed weapon and his TMR is a one-handed weapon.
  • 13) His imperils are still only -120% and this is AFTER Vaan and Penelo already started offering -130% imperils… so he's only slightly better than Lunafreya for the water element imbue/imperil support due to the small 15% damage boosts for the water element.
  • 14) And he's only slightly better than Christine, AD Akstar, or BB Rem/MM Xon combo for ice imbues/imperils.
Read:  The friend system is dumb.

Granted… there are some positive things in his kit (like the support stuff in his base form LB at max level and the fact that his imbues/imperils are not on cool-downs… and his T1 150% LB buff to all allies)… but I'm trying to help you NOT pull here! XD And those things can't make up for the fact that…

This is the NV Era and Yoshikiri feels like a 7-star unit with a few extra skills thrown in just so they can finagle a "Brave Shift" form and slap a "Neo Vision" label on him.


Yoshikiri feels lackluster as a GLEX pullable NV-base unit.

And even if you don't believe that… then most of us can agree we want some form of safety net so we don't spend months saving lapis only to blow all of it on one banner and end up with nothing.

Even if you're a whale you don't want to spend extra real money and end up with nothing either.

So, the best way to tell Gumi/SQEX that it's in their best interest to give us the safety net sooner than later, is to continue saving our lapis..

TL;DR for the TL;DR

Yoshikiri = MEH.
No Safety net = BAD.
Saving lapis = GOOD.


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