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Please, everyone calm down.

Content of the article: "Please, everyone calm down."

We all agree that the latest screw up is a big one and that it could have been handled better. But what's happening here right now is so annoying and, plainly, toxic. We always say we are a toxic sub when in reality we definitely aren't. We have a lot of content creators here who always go out of their way to deliver things we as a community profit from. Be it Unit Reviews, Guides, PSAs (that are sometimes really helpful), weekly maintenance check of things we should do before and the occasional post from someone who simply enjoys the game for what it is and in all those posts we as a community always like to discuss in a civilized manner. We are far from toxic and it`s always a screw up from Gumi that forces a big part of us to completely shut down this sub with what we currently see. There is no content created, no one is happy, no helpful guides and browsing the sub right now is just depressing when it should be "what can I learn today?".

The demands many of you are crying out right now, the things you shout out to anyone browsing this sub are simply put: Childish and there is not a single neutral argument coming because you fail to think beyond your personal gains.

1: Everyone who did not benefit from this bug managed to play the game just fine before and now suddenly you can't? Of course it is not fair to those who couldn't profit from it but guess what: The ones who did are such a minority it doesn't matter at all. It is still not a competitive game for the majority of people here. You can't compete IN DV just because you are at the Gilcap. You still do not have every single unit available in the game with BiS Builds and Gilcap doesn't buy you those units. If you are not a whale you do not have the means to achieve perfect scores on 95% of bosses there. Sure, someone might because they are lucky as fuck while being f2p, but that is far from being the standard. Gilcap doesn't buy you rank 1 in DV and acting like it does is just wrong.

2: Getting Gil was never any problem with the game if you have been playing at least since the dawn of 7*. If it was for you then because you never cared for it. We all have access to enhanced Xon. We all have access to the Luck Junction materia, we all had access to this sub that posted more often than not tiny exploits how to squeeze out a lot of Gil occasionally and there are always little things that helped keeping us afloat. If you have the need to instantly 7* every unit you get, than that is on you. If you have the need to enhance every unit instantly even if you didn`t need them or even knew they are useless, than that is again on you. I have 173 7* units. I enhanced a ton of units, many of those I haven't touched at all and I never had a day where I thought I needed more Gil and I never actively farmed it either. I brought Xon along if it helped, specifically in the daily treasure mission we had not long ago where you could get 415k Gil per day. Again something that was posted here so everyone who is currently drowning in salt should have known about it. Gil was never a bottleneck unless you went out of your way to ignore it.

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3: The recent announcement is actually an important one that many of you seem to simply ignore because of your anger. Gil as a secondary resource can't be forever irrelevant just because a tiny fraction of the playerbase got to profit of a bug. Anyone here cheated their gold/currency in single player games? I certainly have and I instantly regret it every time because it trivializes the balance of the game. The same would happen here now. It certainly isn't a fun mechanic but currency was always a part of RPGs that needed to be handled. Just because this one is a gacha game doesn't mean it should be taken out of the game just because a tiny fraction doesn't need to bother with it anymore. If you guys would have it your way and everyone currently playing the game would get 200 million Gil, then every single newly created account needs to have it as well. Whoever decides to join us in playing this game would be greeted with 200 million Gil right of the start and that would be a good thing for the game in your opinion? No, it wouldn't. It would destroy an important aspect of it. We all went into a shop in an RPG and saw that one shiny thing that was way above our payroll and we all were happy when we farmed that amount of currency to get us that new shiny. It's important to have that feeling, especially as a newcomer. It's a sense of progression that would otherwise be eliminated. We as (mostly) veterans here certainly don't have that feeling anymore because we always have the resources needed to skip this process but every newcomer certainly doesn't and taking their moment of joy away because you all are so demanding right now would be unfair to them especially when you consider my second point.
The announcement is talking about ways to acquire Gil easier. That is a good one because it is long overdue. Gilsnapper Cave is a sad joke ready to kill itself for a very long time now but NO ONE here cried for months that it needs to be reworked because everyone is broke. If every one were on the brink of bankruptcy for months like most of you claim right now, we would have had those posts in the top 10 every day, but we didn't because you are blowing the current situation WAY out of proportion. However Gumi decides to adress the Gilissue now is anyones guess and if it will be a good one or bad one needs to be seen. Obviously a revamp of Gilsnapper Cave and while we're at it the Cactuarfarm as well would be the easiest and most welcomed way to go for it. Gumi needs to keep Gil as a currency relevant otherwise it would come to the first half of my point here and that would be bad for the game itself. There needs to be a sense of progression and if that is coming back in the form of an all time available grind, so be it. in DFFOO you can easily get to max Gil by doing half an hour of a grind and even if it won't be that easy here (becaue Gil is far more important here than it is in DFFOO) as long as it provides us with the amount needed to keep progressing, it is a healthy change. Feel free to call me a simp now because i can look at it objectively.

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4: Congratz for reading it all. I seriously urge you all to reflect on what is being posted here by the minute and then think of if that is really the way a) the sub should be from here on out and b) if that is really what it takes to keep the game healthy. Again: Gumi fucked up, no one denies that. Critic is absolutely warranted and should be but the current way is the absolutely wrong one because it doesn't hurt Gumi, it hurts us as a community and we as a community are a good one most of the time, don't destroy that because you all are angry af, we don't deserve that.

Feel free to disagree with what i just wrote. It is my personal opinion and i stand with that. You can downvote, you can agree, you can discuss but please, for the love of god, keep it fucking civil, thanks. My post may look passive aggressive at times but that is mostly because i hate to see what's happening to our usually positive sub.


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