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Post Pull Depression – Esther Gets Reworked

Hello and welcome to Post Pull Depression, the only thread that has never capped a DV!

Happy Easter everyone! My birthday is always right around this time and every now and again it falls on Easter, which is really the perfect way to have holiday birthdays as you get that nice overlap but most of the time your birthday thunder isn’t stolen. Sadly not this year for me though! Oh… I just checked and it will not happen again in my lifetime. And it actually only happened twice in my life and I never made a big deal out of it. I’m kinda depressed now…

ANYWAYS! I believe there is some unfinished PPD cringy af fan-fiction about Esther? And I absolutely need closure on all things. And no, open-ended ambiguous endings don’t count. If you wanted me to imagine the ending why don’t I just imagine the whole damn thing then? Do your fucking job and end what you started! But I digress.

Previously: Esther Gets Canceled

And if you want to go even further back: Esther Gets Her Enhancements

So now, without further ado, the finale of “Esther Gets…”

Esther Gets Reworked

Esther: “Sigh…”

Blue Mage Fina: “Oh if it isn’t my pure white lil’ bun-bun. What’s wrong, you look so sad!”

Esther: “I tweeted a bunch of dumb stuff years ago and now Sylvie doesn’t want to see me anymore. The link’s up there if you want it. I’m too depressed to inline link it…”

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Blue Mage Fina: “It took a lot of work to find those… I mean I’m sure whoever exposed those, it took a lot of work for THEM to find those…”

Esther: “Doesn’t really matter now…”

Blue Mage Fina: “Well… since you are a free agent now, I have an idea: I call it Make Esther Great Again!”

Esther: “…”

Blue Mage Fina: “I’m not just thinking a Story Event here. I’m thinking full on roll you into the Season 3 storyline. We’ll have an entire Bunny World and then the Hollow goes and takes everyone’s bunny ears away! Oh no! How tragic! But then we meet you and you still have bunny ears so you must be a fellow Hollow Breaker!”

Esther: “That sounds… really dumb.”

Blue Mage Fina: “Trust me, it’s pretty normal for Season 3. We actually took away color once. Although that was pretty glorious… a world of pure white…”

Olive: “Hey Fina, I’ll be in Sea–”

Blue Mage Fina: pushes Olive off-screen

Esther: “Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to be in the Season 3 story… I just want to be with Sylvie.”

Blue Mage Fina: “You should follow your heart.”

Esther: “You’re right! I know what I have to do!” leaves

Blue Mage Fina: “I meant follow your heart and join me! Aww phooey.”

Esther: “All right Chief, no matter what it takes I’m going to do it. Put me back in the game!”

Cait Sith: “It would take months to rework your image, there’s apology tours and HR courses. No way you’d be able to do it all before Easter.”

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Esther: “It’s all right, because we’re going to do it in a montage.

one montage later

Cait Sith: “Well, that was certainly efficient. Here’s your new damage numbers. 260b per turn with a 420b burst.*”

*These are the wiki numbers so don’t @ me

Esther: “That’s it? That’s not meta!”

Cait Sith: “I’m sorry Esther, there’s only so many b’s of damage we can give out. The company is in a tight spot right now. I think you’ll find that very competitive for a 7* unit.”

Esther: leaves

Cait Sith: “Wait, why are you going?”

Esther: “Well… that’s it for me. I guess I should just go Sell myself. At least they’ll have my TMR and STMR– Worth more than I am…”


Esther: “S-Sylvie?”

Sylvie: “I was looking all over for you. I even did a montage of it. MONTA–”

Esther: “We already did that.”

Sylvie: “Oh.”

Esther: “Just leave me alone, ok?”

Sylvie: “Is this because I got mad that you hate eggs? I actually thought about it and that just means more eggs for me so really I come out ahead.”

Esther: “IT’S NOT ABOUT EGGS! It’s because I’m not good enough for you. I failed with my enhancements, I failed getting an NV and now I failed with my rework. I’ll never be meta again and you deserve somebody meta!”

Sylvie: “Esther… I never cared if you were meta or not, because to me you’ll always be meta!”

Esther: “Sylvie…”

Sylvie: “Esther, will you be a duo unit with me?”

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Esther: “What…?”

Sylvie: “I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to ask me for so long but then I realized nothing was stopping me from asking you. So, will you?”

Esther: “Y-yes! Absolutely yes! This has gone from the saddest day in my life to then the hungriest for a brief period… and now the happiest!”

Then they got it on… like rabbits. The end!

Post Pull Depression

Give us an Esther/Sylvie duo unit you cowards! And while you’re at it, GLEX Chronicle Battle weapon for Esther. She’s still salvageable!

Well that concludes the PPD storyline for Esther and Sylvie. It’s technically better than what Goomie gave you as they gave you nothing. A win by default is still a win! VICTORY!

See ya some future banner!


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