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Post Pull Depression – King Behemy x Poppy

Hello and welcome to Post Pull Depression, the only thread that is going to apologize in advance to u/BahamutAXIOM.

We are finally getting the 2019 Fan Festa Contest Units… in 2021. Better late than never. And we're finally getting the S3 girls with zero changes and uh better late than never I guess?

Anyways, kinda seems an odd pairing of units with King Behemy and Poppy, but don't worry I think I've figured out Goomie's secret plan.

King Behemy x Poppy

Blue Mage Fina: “Great news Poppy, we finally got the green light to get you into GL.”

Poppy: “Well it’s about time! I was worried my story event wouldn’t be relevant.”

Blue Mage Fina: “We’re nixxing the story event, instead you’ll be paired up with King Behemy.”

Poppy: “So like La Bella y La Bestia?”

Blue Mage Fina: “Sorta, but it’s going to be a full hentai.”

Poppy: “Pfft… koff koff… what?”

Blue Mage Fina: “Look, I’ll level with you. The game’s not doing great. We’re losing our asses to WotV. They are going full boobs, butts, thighs, more boobs and then Sakura for some reason.”

CG Sakura: “HEY!”

Blue Mage Fina: “So the only way to compete is to one up that so we gotta go straight bestiality porn.”

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Poppy: “Ay dios mios…”

Blue Mage Fina: “Don’t worry, we’re going to put those tiny white bars over like 10% of the genitals. I think that makes it safe for children to see or something.”

Poppy: “…”

Blue Mage Fina: “Hold on, before you vomit everywhere which it looks like you’re gonna… Let me set the scene for you. You’re an artist who’s fallen on hard times and had to take up doujinshi freelance work. As you’re drawing a behemoth’s throbbing horn the magic from your STMR actually named ‘Poppy’s Passionate Paintbrush’ brings the King Behemy to life from the page. He then proceeds to *** *** ** *** *** **** *** ********* **** but then you use your actually named cooldown ‘I can keep going!’ and then **** *** ******* cast meteor *** **** **** face.”

Poppy: vomits everywhere

Blue Mage Fina: “Glad you can vomit so easily because actually Chapter 2 is going to–”

Poppy: “Basta ya!

Blue Mage Fina: “Poppy. You said you would do anything to get into the GL version, remember? ANYTHING. Your own 7* bio says ‘I mean, what's so embarrassing about posing nude?’ this is art.”

Rivera: “FINA!”

Blue Mage Fina: “Ugh…”

Rivera: “Did you take my Behemoth!?”

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Blue Mage Fina: “I thought you were supposed to be at music camp…”

Rivera: “It's online and dumb now just like everything else! Now give me back my behemoth. King Behemy is a proud, noble behemoth. I’m not going to let you do gross kissy stuff with him. Bad enough that Esther and Sylvie keep holding hands now.”

Blue Mage Fina: “Fine. Take him back.”

Poppy: “Phew…”

Blue Mage Fina: “Say, you don’t have dibs on a malboro/ochu tag unit, do you?”

Rivera: “Nope.”

Blue Mage Fina: “Excellent.”

Poppy: “Wait… what!?”

Post Pull Depression

I am not proud of myself…

As per tradition, when I do pull for a unit I will share said pulls. Behemy got 50 tickets thrown at him and I got Faisy #2 and Edel #4 none of which are helpful. And Edel needs to fuck off already, I also pulled her OG STMR like a week after her first banner. Got a Poppy though which was nice, she came easy on the first ticket.

See ya some future banner!


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