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(Potentially Unpopular) Suggestion: Bot Command for “Use the DHT”

Content of the article: "(Potentially Unpopular) Suggestion: Bot Command for “Use the DHT”"

NOTE: flair is likely the wrong one, but I do intend for this to be a discussion with other members of the community as I feel this issue is important.

Not sure if this was discussed before, but after quite a while on this sub, I figured I’d suggest this since it’s better than the current system, at least imo. I’ve seen lots of questions from new players asking “how do I do x thing,” only to get told, rudely, to use the Daily Help Thread. A player might say “I’m new to this sub, what units should I go for?” or “Where do I get Awakening Materials?” or some other question, only to be told repeatedly “Use the Daily Help Thread” in some variation (“Best Place to Farm is the Daily Help Thread,” for example).

Of course, not all responses are rude, and in fact there are many people who kindly tell the person to use the thread next time, and many who also respond to that question (I, personally, don’t tell them to use the DHT but still answer the question, out of kindness, but that’s just me). However, a large amount of people respond with rude “use the DHT” comments, and, to me, many of these are pretty off-putting for a new player, especially because oftentimes they’ll get the same thing repeatedly told to them. To me, that would potentially turn me away from the sub and potentially even the game, after all, who wants to be in such a seemingly toxic place?

So, I’ve got a suggestion for that. Unfortunately, idk how Auto-Moderator works specifically, but this idea is stolen from FFRecordKeeper. Basically, over there, the users can input the command “!megathreadplz” and Auto-Moderator responds with a generic message along the lines of “Welcome to FFRecord Keeper, Kupo! Please use the Weekly Question Megathread for any questions like this one!” And linked to the post is all currently active Megathreads (Weekly Question, etc.). I believe they’ve also got one specifically for New Players as well.

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To translate this to FFBraveExvius is relatively simple. We get Auto-Mod to have a command like “!DHT” or something, that kindly asks directs the user to, well, the DHT, or any other threads (Friend Code, Appreciation, Rant, etc.). If possible, perhaps this pins to the post itself, rather than the comment of whomever invoked the command, so that nobody else responds with “use the DHT.” Alternatively, I’ve seen on SwordArtOnline that their Auto-Mod puts a message on every post it detects has a question in it. Perhaps we could have Auto-Mod leave a comment directing the user to the threads if it finds any question marks or similar “question-y” things in the post, or if it sees “Friend Code” or “Need Friends” or “Add me” or other keywords mentioned. The message would be similar to the idea for the command-based reply, but it still works. Either option is fine with me.

Both suggestions have their flaws (for example, the latter suggestion would trigger literally every time Auto-Mod finds at least one question mark in your post, even if there isn’t one), but I think we need a fix for the current system. Overall, people just telling users to use the Help Thread in whatever way they feel like comes across as toxic, and gives this sub a bad rep. Not everyone’s /u/TomAto314, /u/La-Roca99, or any other prominent helpful Redditors on this sub (of which there are several).

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So then, let me know your thoughts! Anything you’d suggest that’s better (in your opinion)? Is the system fine as-is? Let me know!


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