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Pro Tip: Compressed FTKO Team

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I've always enjoyed FTKO teams because I hate having to gear all units for element resist or evade or other incoming damage and mechanics and prefer to just bypass the whole thing. Recently we've gotten events that need to be farmed that have some of these annoying mechanics and also have break bars that try to prevent FTKO. With new units that have come out, I've been experimenting with a more streamlined FTKO with room for additional units for when you need to have one dedicated to the break bar, etc.

This specific team will give you, with only four units, on turn 1:

  • 280% ATK buff
  • 85% break
  • Perfect Dispel
  • 100% LB damage buff
  • 100% beast killer
  • 120% imperil of lightning or wind / 110% imperil + 15% buff of fire
  • AoE lightning imbue or three unit fire imbue
  • Full LB fill for Tifa
  • Support chain for Tifa
  • A massive amount of damage

This particular team requires specific units (all but one most people will probably have), but it is flexible. The premise is simple enough – Stardust Ray chains have a delay between when they cast and when the damage starts, and that delay is long enough for a triple cast of Stardust Ray chainers to apply any buffs/breaks before damage begins. Many of our NV units use SR chains, so you can potentially mix and match to get similar results, but it may require more units than four as a result.

The core team will remain the same:

  • NV Tifa EX+1 – Needs "Call of the Wild" equipped on normal form. Will be doing most of your damage by LB finishing in her BS form.
  • NVA Loren – (Slashing Gale/Bolt/Twin Blade Dance + Twin Blade Dance + Blade of Singularity). Perfect dispel, 85% breaks, lightning or wind imperil 120%, caps her own chain. If using an element other than lightning or wind, just use Twin Blade Dance x2 and Blade of Singularity.
  • NV Rain – (Prominence Saber + Rising Saber/Blaze Saber + Beast Breaker+). This is the hardest unit to get for this team, and he also has the most to contribute. 280% ATK buff for team, 15% fire damage buff or fire imbue depending on what you need, 100% LB damage buff, and 100% beast killer (when applicable). Use Rising Saber if you don't need an imbue and Blaze Saber if you do.
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The fourth unit will depend on the element you are going with. The most synergistic is fire or lightning.

  • Rikku FFX-2 – Lightning – (Machina Charge). Adds lightning element to everyone and increases LB gauge by 15! Tifa's LB only needs 20 and she gets 8 from "Call of the Wild". If you don't have "Call of the Wild" yet, you can also cast Steal Will for an additional 4-6 LB which will give you a 66% chance to fill Tifa's LB completely just from Rikku alone!
  • Ignacio – Fire – (Forging Friendships + Forge Weapon Flame + Crush Stamp+2). Increases LB gauge to Tifa by 15, imbues Tifa with fire, and imperils enemy to fire by 110%. Combined with Rain's ability to buff fire damage by 15% and his ability to imbue himself and another ally, this gives you a lot of good options. It's probably better to put a fire weapon on Rain and Loren and go for the 15% element buff since Tifa is doing most of your damage, but I'm not certain since those two can shell out some good damage on their own.
  • Emperor Foo, Rem, Suicide LB filler – Wind – Not the best option but still an option. Give Tifa a wind weapon and fill her LB with your choice of LB fill. There's just no good option when it comes to wind imbue + LB fill at this time.

This type of compression gives you two more slots to play around with – maybe someone to take out the break bar or more damage or killer buff or whatever you may need. You can really use ANY element with this team if you expand the roster to five. For instance, you can use Lunafreya plus Emperor Foo for water. The core three can also play nice as a traditional trial team, providing solid sustained chaining damage while supporting Tifa's LB turns at the same time.

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One important thing to note is that Loren and Rain are double casting SR chain and ending with a buff, so your attack window for Tifa is going to be smaller than you think. I recommend sending her off as soon as the chain starts, as if you wait for the chain to build you can easily miss the window.

Anyway, I'm still sort of playing around with this team, so if anyone has suggestions for other units or ways to streamline this further, feel free to contribute! Lots of new units use SR chains, so I'm sure there's replacements depending on what you need!


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