Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Public Clarification & GLS70x Mod Boost Best Practice:

In the post above I made an error in insisting GLS can imbune someone else and take advantage of the 15x mod boost. I read her kit at around 4am and I made an error (I am human after all). I however am going to state some best practices to use get her 15x mod working.

Assumption/'The Point':

– Use GLS to do PHY (type) ICE/Thunder/Wind/Water/Earth/Light imbued 70x magic damage.

-We are going to go to BS mode on turn 1 and never return to NV for the rest of the battle (assuming you don't need her support kit).

2X GLS Best Practice:

Turn 1)

GLS1/GLS2: Both Cast "Grim – Ethereal Haunting(Self)" / "Grim – Soul Blade" / " Grim – Dark Edge "

Dualcast "Dispelga" with any other unit and treat the 3rd unit like a chain member but target the party asap. If your too slow this will make you waste your quad-cast (a soft reset would be ideal here). Now you can quad cast BS frames @ 70x!!!!

Holy Wand via equip rod if possible or any other turn 2 finisher) / LB build BS))>

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Bushido – Freedom can also be use on a low attack unit and you still would need to target the party then cast. It is a bit more risky process>

GLS1/GLS2: /"Grim – Soul Blade(x4)"

Video: <


GLS / BB Rem:

Turn 1)

GLS: Cast " Grim – Ethereal Haunting (Self) " / " Grim – Soul Blade" / " Grim – Dark Edge "

BB Rem: Cast " Leave it to me! " / " Accelerate) " / " Flying Daggers++"

Turn 2)

GLS: Cast "Grim – Soul Blade (X3) / (the 4th will break the chain especially if you have a finisher" (So cast something else that does no damage)

BB Rem: Cast" Flying Daggers++ (x2)" / " Seraphim Strike "

Video: <

> (I cast imbune on the wrong GLS but it doesn't matter as this is for demonstration purposes and it will work if you target the right GLS.)


I just came up with these methods on the fly as I can add other way if the above mentions are impossible for you. Leave comment and let me know and I will try to help you.




Bushido – Freedom can also be use on a low attack unit and you still would need to target the party then cast. It is a bit more risky process>

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