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Quick DV Tip: Following Correct Rotation for Yoshikiri would increase his damage by 25%!

Content of the article: "Quick DV Tip: Following Correct Rotation for Yoshikiri would increase his damage by 25%!"

Over the past one week, I have come to realize that not a small number of people is actually not aware of Yoshikiri's burst rotation so I am sharing it here in hope of helping someone

Optimal Burst Rotation for Dark Diabolos

  • Turn 1: in normal form, Hikikomori + Ninpou: Hyoton/ Finishing Combo + Finishing Combo
  • Turn 2: shift to BS form, LB
  • Turn 3: Game's not over (requires half LB aka 19 LB)
  • Turn 4: Ninjutsu: Hakairyoku x 3

The difference (quick maff)

  • Using LB (BS) increase Ninjutsu: Hakairyoku from 90x to 100x -> 11.1% damage increase
  • Using Game's not over (300% SPR buff) as opposed to Ninpou: Bunshin (230% All Stats Buff) -> 15% increase in damage (assuming 3400 SPR Yoshikiri, Lv 10 Virtual Training, fully doored and potted SPR. Note: the % increase in damage is more than 15% if your SPR is lower than 3400)
  • Overall: that would translate into about 25% increase in damage or more
  • So if you never follow the described rotation and are currently sitting at 1.9B – 2B for Dark Diabolos, following the described rotation would lead to about 150-200M increase in damage dealt on Diabolos (average Yoshikiri damage for Dark Diabolos is about 600M-800M) and may help you cap the stage.

Gearing for LB fill

As seen from the described rotation, you would need to be able to fill Yoshiki's LB to full by T2 and half full by T3. Here are a few tips to do that:

  • Put Call of the Wild on your Yoshikiri in normal form to start with free 8 LB stone
  • Gear for as high LB fill rate/ LB fill per turn as possible. Note: Mood Maker gives active 200% LB fill rate buff which adds on top of 1000% innate LB fill rate
  • Put Lion Emblem on the units with the most number of free turns. Rally Cry (active skill granted by this item) can fill AoE 5 LB per turn
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Here is a video of what I am describing for Yoshikiri build and rotation.


  • Yoshiriki's optimal burst rotation: Hikikomori + 2 free actions -> LB (BS) -> Game's not over -> Burst
  • That rotation increases his damage by 25% which translates into 150-200M increase in overall damage for Dark Diabolos


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