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Rain & Fina -Neo Vision- Review | Ultimate Value!

Rain & Fina -Neo Vision- Overview

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Rain & Fina are 2H physical and magical damage dealers.

Base form has fire physical attacks and BS form has earth, fire and light magic attacks. BS form also has support and healing skills.

They have high beast killers in both forms and can apply an AoE beast killer buff as well.

Rain & Fina are the first “tag units” that can generate chains without the use of another unit. Base form LB and BS form magic attacks are tag skills. They are also the first units in the game to who can do more damage to broken enemies.


No Matter How Far Apart We Are

Increase ATK and MAG (30%)

Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a great sword

Increase MAG (30%) when equipped with a bow

Nothing fancy but we can use it on both forms if we have nothing else better to equip. The only downside is that the conditional magic bonus applies to bows rather than rods. The BS form really wants a high MAG rod like Dark Gamba.


Swordbow of Unbreakable Faith (Great Sword)

ATK+184, MAG+176 Two-handed weapon, Accuracy+50%, 1-1.6x Variance

Increase LB damage (100%)

STMR is BiS on base form and boasts a whopping 100% LB damage passive. It’s has the highest LB damage passive on a weapon for now. One could argue that this is the main reason to pull for the unit. Although I can't think on any unit except for Rain and Fina NV that wants a 2H Great Sword. I mostly used 1H swords with LB damage on Riku and Sora. Let me know in the comments if you know of a unit who wants this weapon.

Vision Card

Thanks for Everything!

Lv.1 Stats

Base ATK+45, Base MAG+45

Lv.10 Stats

Base ATK+80, Base MAG+80


【VC】Thanks for Everything! I

Increase ATK (40%) when equipped with a great sword

Increase MAG (40%) when equipped with a bow

【VC】Thanks for Everything! II

Increase ATK (40%) when equipped with a great sword

Increase MAG (40%) when equipped with a bow

【VC】Sincere Gratitude

Increase fire and light resistance (30%)

Has the highest hybrid flat stats for now. The next one down the list is Eldryn's VC. Not really the best for either of their forms. A dedicated VC for ATK and a dedicated VC for MAG would be better depending on which form you are going to stay on. Otherwise, this a great VC if you don’t have anything better. Both forms can use it so great value just from that.

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Base Form (Physical) Strengths

LB damage is the best means of attack in base form. Level up their LB to MAX to deal the most amount of damage. Their LB self chains. Easy rotation and gearing. Can fills LB gauge in base then shift to use support LB in BS form.

They have a 200% active LB damage boost skill and 100% LB damage passive.

They also have regular Stardust Ray and Absolute Mirror of Equity chains.

They can imperil three different elements and self-imbue fire. They can boost their fire damage by 15% for both physical and magic.

Lastly, they can boost fire resist for the party by 80%. They also have access to an AoE physical and magical Beast killer buff.

They have 200% TDH and high Beast killer passive. They also do more damage to broken enemies.

Base Form Weaknesses

LB is fire locked so they won’t be effective against fire-resistant enemies.

Blaze Fire Saber is not a tag ability so they would still need an SR chaining partner when not using their LB. Same thing with Lotus Saber. One can use Gusty Attack from the Chocobo trial to remedy this but it is only limited to w-cast via DW.

AMoE chain is hybrid and also removes all status effects from all enemies.

The self-imbue is limited to three uses.

Base Form How to Build

Build the base form for LB damage, cap TDH with Master of Fate Materia from NV Cloud and use their own STMR. LB damage materia include but not limited to Guardian of Light (Sora) and Courage to Move On.

Base Form Sample Rotation

Turn 1 Crimson Lotus, Blaze Veil, Union Veil
Turn 2-3 LB 480x
Turn 4 Blaze Arrow Saber x 2, Blaze Blood 184x
Turn 5 Blaze Arrow Saber x 2, Lotus Saber 344x
Turn 6 Repeat from Turn 1

BS Form (Magical)

Duration: Infinite turns

Before switching to Brave Shift form, use Base form’s LB at least once to boost modifiers for this form. All the magical abilities of this form will be permanently boosted by 20x. BS form can deal earth, fire and light damage. The most damage comes from the light magic abilities and they can apply a light amp on themselves.

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All their skills are part of their quad-cast. Q-cast is unlocked by a cooldown ability which also buffs MAG by 300%. It also mitigates both damage types from beast enemies by 15%.

They have 200% MTDH and 180% MAG passives. They also do more magic damage to broken enemies and have high beast killers for both types of damage.

They also have access to support and healing skills/magic such as Dispelga, Curaja, Raise and Reraise.

Their LB is a support LB and a Fina staple:

Judgment Nova LB Max Lv 40 Cure all status ailments to all allies Revive all KO'd allies (100% HP) Recover MP (300) to all allies Auto-revive (100% HP) for 3 turns to all allies Increase fire, lightning, earth and light resistance (80%) for 3 turns to all allies

BS Form Weaknesses

Their earth and fire magic skills have very low mods so essentially they are soft-locked to dealing light damage.

TMR and VC doesn’t have bonus MAG% when equipped with rods so bonus will be halved if equipped with rods.

BS Form prefers high MAG rod such as Dark Gamba. A high roll in item world can compensate for the MAG% loss.

Can’t equip robes. One would need Equip Robes, Golbez’s Armor or Aerith’s Clothes for a high mag armor. Rabanastre Dancer's Clothing could also work.

Can only be door potted to 20 Mag.

BS Form How to Build

Their BS form just wants high MAG and MTDH. A fully maxed out Dark Gambanteinn should do well. They can also use Artemis Bow or Draconian Princess's Pulse from Draconian Princess Fina.

Note that they can equip Heavy Armor so Golbez's Armor comes to mind.

As for MTDH materia, Azure Radiance and Warrior of the Crystal are great equips. Or Corrupted Mage from Kefka.

BS Form Sample Rotation

Turn 1 Base Crimson Lotus, Blaze Veil, Union Veil No Damage
Turn 2 LB 480x
Turn 3 BS Beast Veil, Shine Magia x 2 210x
Turn 4 Shine Magia Tag x 2, Shine Tag Saber, Shine Arrow Tag 490x
Turn 5 Shine Tag Magia x 4 420x
Turn 6 Union Veil, Shine Magia Tag 315x
Turn 7 Shine Tag Magia x 2, Shine Tag Saber, Shine Arrow Tag 490x
Turn 8 Beast Veil
Turn 9 Shine Magia Tag x 2, Shine Tag Saber, Shine Arrow Tag 490x

Rain & Fina Final Thoughts

As our first ‘tag’ units, they are pretty easy to use. Base form’s rotation is easy and gearing is not a problem. Their STMR is best-in-slot for the base form.

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Base form’s LB is locked to fire while BS form is sort of locked to light.

They have very high beast killer passives on both forms. Base form can buff said killer to the party at a lesser percentage.

BS form can serve as a decent healer with all the important support magic and dual cast.

As for use in content, they could be useful for Scorn of the White Dragon and Intangir but we already beat those with our current units. There are no hard Dark Vision bosses with a Beast race in the foreseeable future.

Overall, I think they are great to players who need a physical/magic damage dealer and healer in one unit. They can tag attack as well which further compresses their role. Their STMR could be one of the reasons to pull for them.

Ultimately, they can provide great value for a single unit: Physical Damage Dealer + Magic Damage Dealer + Healer + Amazing STMR which is BiS on Base Form + TMR/VC which can be utilized by both forms + Tag Attacks.


I would summon for them if I didn't already have a competent roster. They are great for players who are just starting out. Those players can really benefit from a unit that is flexible and can make use of their own STMR, TMR and VC. They don't really need a chaining partner to do maximum damage. I really like their STMR though for a future LB damage dealer who likes 2H Great Swords.

Edit: Buffed NV Cloud could use their STMR. Credit to u/twistofate916/

Note: Please let me know if I missed anything.


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