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RANT: About older EX tickets and bingo rewards

Content of the article: "RANT: About older EX tickets and bingo rewards"

Preface: This is a long post and is in no way made to offend anyone. I'm a very awkward grill and I'm not really good at doing posts… so…hum…Bear with me, k? (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

Hello my dear community,

I don't know if we ever had a discussion about these "bingo" rewards and I feel like this system needs some… backlash. I've been thinking about NV era and how RIDICULOUSLY expensive it is. Also, the older EX tickets…*sigh/groan* …this is so dumb. I mean I knew about them since the live stream thread. Them being renamed/kept and what's not but I though about it a bit more after experiencing these last few weeks.

So to put some context…

I've been playing for around 2 years and I'm something of a tiny whale.

Whenever I can, I buy these bundles:

  • 20-ish K lapis for 104 CAD
  • 10-ish K Lapis for 66 CAD
  • Fountains for 16.99 CAD

I'm "okay" with it (and by "okay", I mean, my impulses drives me to buy bundles. It's a personnel problem that I have to fix). I spend maybe around 300$ on this game per month, which I think is a lot and for some weird reason… I don't feel THAT rewarded.

Like: "YAY, Extra PULL- oh wait… pulls that still give me Crimsons and Machina up the ***."Do we really need these OLDER characters in the pull pool when we can UoC them?

I *clap* BETTER *clap* HAVE *clap* A *clap* CRIMSON *clap* NVA *clap* GUMI!

Now, about tickets… I still don't get why we still have:

  • EX tickets(*3 /*4 /*5);
  • +4 EX tickets(*4 / *5);
  • 1+5 ticket (*3 /*4 /*5);
  • 10+1 tickets (*3 /*4 /*5);
  • Premium 10+1 (*3 /*4 /*5);
  • and Guaranteed 10+1 rainbow (*3 /*4 /*5).
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These (5+1 and the 10+1 variants) should ALL have been replaced already by:

  • 5+1 tickets (*3 /*4 /*5/ NV) ;
  • 10+1 tickets (*3 /*4 /*5/ NV);
  • Premium 10+1 (*4 /*5/ NV) ;
  • Guaranteed 10+1 rainbow (*3 /*4 /*5/ NV)

and just DO away with old EX Tickets (*3 /*4 /*5)/ + 4 EX Tickets (*4 / *5).

I understand the desire to give us NV quickly but these changes should have been DONE already. If you are gonna implements something big than YOU have to implement it CORRECTLY. Leaving the old tickets is counterproductive to the community. Why give us LESS when we could have MORE.

This is plain deceitful, if you were to ask me. Just give us the new and do away with the obsolete/out-of-date tickets. All these older, useless tickets do is HOLD us back.

Now that I've told you about how much I spend on this game and some criticisms that I have on the tickets, let's talk about the "bingo" system.

They made 10 panels with 9 rewards each: 90 rewards.

You get one rewards each time you 5K pull.

90*5000= 450 000 Lapis

450K Lapis to get every rewards?

I mean… Who even PULLS that much?

I mean, unless they are RIDICULOUSLY rich and have no idea HOW to spend their money: I mean, I'd rather buy myself luxury shoes or bags or make-up or maybe some nice hentai anime statues/figurines with sugoi dekai oppai or Kpop weeb otaku merch or I dunno, REALLY NICE CAR MAGS.

Spinners are effin cool, don't @ me.


Do we know many people who have actually saved THAT much Lapis?

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I wonder how much that is in real money? Since I'm Canadian, Imma use CAD.

450 000/ 18 000= 25

You need to buy the <12 000 lapis + 6000 bonus lapis pack> that costs 140$ CAD 25 TIMES to get that amount of lapis.

140$*25= 3,5K CAD

OoH MAH GAD!! (゚д゚;)

NANIIIIII!!!!!! Σ(O口 O )

*breath in*'kay… Listen… I happen to have a family that owns one or two properties.I manage a person's condo that is being rented out for 2K CAD per month.Just sayin'… think about it…

Spend 3K on a game that isn't AAA OR spend 2K on a nice, comfy condo…
Just laying some perspective.

I mean, ok… it's nice to have a LOT of options but this is just silly.

So I've been wondering about the other whales in this community. Does any one of you ACTUALLY buy 3,5K worth of Lapis bi-weekly?

I'm NOT gon laugh at you. Like I said, I'm not here to judge you. I'm legit curious?

I'm just here to see if I'm the only one who is getting bothered because all of a sudden this game got really expensive for me and I'm really just annoyed cause this game is TOO greedy when it comes down to time and money… I'm legit running out of both. It's so bad that even my studies are suffering because I spend so much time FARMING in this game.

I'm afraid Imma have to pull back a bit on my spending on this game but in the same time, I'm annoyed at that because I'm so close to the big boy club of this game. I can actually farm gil from vines and beat most of the trials I wasn't able to beat before.

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Anyways, open discussion for everyone.Whale or not, we are a group of people who play this game from different backgrounds.

Sorry if this was long but I needed to get all of this out my SUGOI DEKAI chest.

Have a nice day/night/week.

Tagged humor cause this is absurd to me.

Is someone here secretly DSP?


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