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Revisiting Not Toying Around: 5-Man 2TKO ft Tifa & Pyro Glacial Lasswell

Content of the article: "Revisiting Not Toying Around: 5-Man 2TKO ft Tifa & Pyro Glacial Lasswell"

Hey folks! u/TonierEortheain and I have been working through some Neo Vision refreshed strategies for the Chamber of the Vengeful and I am pleased to bring you a 2nd-turn-kill (2TKO) strategy for the "Not Toying Around" / "Elf Off The Shelf" LGD fight, requiring just 5 units – meaning you can rotate a naked sixth unit in for every clear, to grab all the rewards. You won't get the "5 limit bursts" mission but aside from that this strategy will net you the "Summon an Esper" and "No Deaths" rewards as well.

A word of caution: You're going to need a well geared NV-Awakened Tifa (at least EX+1 for the Brave Shift) and some STMRs. There's some notes at the end about filling the damage gap if you're not quite there. You can substitute Awakened Dragon Akstar in place of Pyro Glacial Lasswell, but see notes at the end of the fight section about the loss of Lasswell's 80% DEF break.

Clear video


Full team build info here (with massive thanks to Lyrgard and the other FFBEEquip maintainers for their work as always).

The team is as follows (everyone needs 30% wind resist; put some bulk on them with free gear slots just in case Mastermind Xon goes nuts on turn 1, see notes at the end about the confusion mechanic).

  • Mastermind Xon. The perennial favorite. He is geared for passive provoke and 100% evasion with at least 30% wind resistance, and on Phoenix for Auto-Med to cure the confusion that will be inflicted pre-emptively. See notes at end about confusion. Cannot contribute significantly to damage because of the heavy gear requirements for evasion and provoke. Can be used to summon an esper in the second turn for the mission, see notes at end.
  • Regina. She is here for 200% Fairy Killer (Anti-Fairy Module +2) and her 250% ATK buff (Power Generator +2). She will also deal our ice damage on turn 1. Geared for at least 30% wind resist. Make sure these two abilities are awakened to +2. Gear for damage if you need to make up a damage gap (see notes at end).
  • Physalis. She is here for ice imbue (which surprisingly is not in Pyro Glacial Lasswell's non-Brave-Shift form) and because she can triple-cast Absolute Mirror of Equity frames with Pyro Glacial Lasswell on turn 2. Like Regina, geared for at least 30% wind resist. Gear for damage if you need to make up a damage gap (see notes at end).
  • Neo Vision Tifa. Our reigning queen of LB damage. She's here for one thing and one thing only: To punch the elf into another dimension on turn 2. Her normal form can be completely ungeared, but her Brave Shift form will be geared for maximum LB damage and at least 30% wind resist. She has Lucid Lenses on for a single charge of "cheat death", which will be explained later; you can use the recently-free-to-everyone Reno's Goggles (or any other cheat-death gear you've got) as an alternative but you'll probably lose a bit of damage. She needs to have her NV passive "Lessons for Life on the Ground Floor" fully awakened to +5 for the juicy multiplier increase. Her LB doesn't actually gain much damage from being powered up, but of course it's best to have it maxed out if you can.
  • Neo Vision Pyro Glacial Lasswell. Note that he will not be Brave Shifting, so you do not need to awaken him to EX+1. That said, he is going to need to do some nontrivial damage in order to ensure a kill so you cannot slouch on his gear. Geared for maximum damage on triple-cast of Blade Flash – Revelation, again with 30% wind resist. You might be able to get by with less than +5 on Blade Flash – Revelation, but most likely you will need to have Blade Flash – Revelation fully powered up to +5 for it's insane modifiers.
  • Rotation unit. This can literally be any character you want. They will be providing 70% wind resist for the team on turn 1. You can get this one of two universally-accessible ways: either from teaching 3-star Tetra Sylphid Baraeroga (22 mp), or by using Gusty Attack (50 mp) from the Charge of the Chocobo Battalion trial. Bringing a strong Neo Visions unit will help with any damage gap at the end.
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The Fight

Turn 1, in this order:

  1. Tifa: Brave Shift, then triple-cast Concentration, Concentration (again) and Awakened Fighting Spirit. This will fill Tifa's gauge completely and give her an undispellable 250% LB damage boost. Oh no, she has water imbued… but we're going to fix that next.
  2. Pyro Glacial Lasswell: Queue up but do not cast: Mirror of Equity – Totality (80% DEF break), Perfect Selflessness, and Fingersnap. Position your fingers one above Pyro Glacial Lasswell's party portrait to initiate the attack sequence, and another above Tifa's sprite on the battlefield. As soon as you unleash Pyro Glacial Lasswell, immediately long-press on Tifa's sprite on the battlefield and choose "Target" to switch Pyro Glacial Lasswell's focus to her. He will Fingersnap her, dispelling the water imbue and leaving the 250% LB damage boost intact. This would kill Tifa normally, but (1) she has a 30% innate change to evade so she might just dodge it and even if she doesn't (2) the cheat-death gear (Lucid Lenses, Reno's Goggles, etc) will proc and save her from death. Perfect Selflessness is used purely because it gives you more precious moments to retarget, it has not important effects in this battle.
  3. Physalis: Imbue Ice element to Regina with Short Range Ice Charger, inflict a 120% Ice imperil on the elf with Armored Anti-Ice Grenade. Third action is up to you, if you're using her for damage and not just a chain multiplier, consider one of her skill-boosting cooldowns as the third action. (edit: you actually can skip the ice imperil here because Pyro Glacial Lasswell will inflict it with his moves on the next turn, but if you're using Physalis or Regina for damage, it's helpful to have this imperil on Turn 1).
  4. Regina: Uses Anti-Fairy Module (200% Fairy Killer) and Power Generator +2 (250% all stats buff, we only care about the ATK, to help out your not-Tifas). Pick any two other skills and finish up with Regina Cannon to deal Ice damage (this is super important as the boss must take Ice damage every turn, else you will wipe due to his non-elemental magic response).
  5. Mastermind Xon: Use Reflector to cast Elemental Mirror and Critical Mirror on Regina, then Projected Mirror to copy those nice 250% all-stats buffs and the 200% Fairy Killer to everyone on the team.
  6. Rotation unit: Cast your 70% AoE wind resistance buff now, either via Baraeroga or Gusty Attack.
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The Elf will now proceed to miss Mastermind Xon a bunch of times and let off a pile of wind attacks, all of which will be resisted. Your team will take zero damage. Even the rotation unit should survive, as will Tifa with her 1 HP.

Turn 2:

  1. Queue up Physalis with any three Absolute Mirror of Equity skills.
  2. Queue up Pyro Glacial Lasswell with 3x Blade Flash – Revelation.
  3. Queue up Tifa's Limit Burst (True Final Heaven).
  4. Unleash Physalis and Pyro Glacial Lasswell. Cap their chain with Tifa's LB. If you're lacking damage (see below) you can also cap with Regina and/or chain/finish with your rotation unit.

That's it. You just cleared on turn 2 with no deaths, congratulations. All that's left to do is run again to summon an esper (see notes below).

Gear Regina, Physalis,and even the rotation unit to fill any damage gap! As you can see the Tifa build is pretty gear heavy and yet she "only" averages about 800 million damage at EX+3, leaving you with another 50 million damage to go. My Pyro Glacial Lasswell is only at +1, but together he and Tifa manage to consistently deal out about 1 billion damage. If you're struggling, don't ignore Physalis, Regina and your rotation unit. Their gearing requirements are super low – just 30% wind resist – so while they're not gonna win the fight on their own, they can still bring in significant damage together. Especially if the rotation unit is a Neo Visions unit such as the recently-awakenable Cloud or Neo Vision-base Cloud (FFVII REMAKE)).

If you want to use Awakened Dragon Akstar instead of Pyro Glacial Lasswell you should be able to, but notice that the strategy above relies on Pyro Glacial Lasswell's 80% DEF break. Sadly the new Akstar doesn't have a DEF break in his kit which means you will want to fall back on Physalis' Friendship Technique for a 70% DEF break since she has a free action in the rotation (alternatively, you can use Mastermind Xon's Thief in the Night on turn 2, but the break is the same). Unfortunately this will likely decrease Tifa's damage by quite a bit. Awakened Dragon Akstar may be able to compensate for it, but gearing requirements will be very high. Consider bringing a really good breaker as your rotation unit if you want to go this route, as Vaan and friends can dish out some insane breaks.

Getting the Summon an Esper mission is easy: use any Type-0 unit with Summon Eidolon as your rotation unit, and on turn 2 use Mastermind Xon (who has nothing to do here) to evoke an Esper. This will fail the "No Deaths" mission so you'll have to run at least twice to get both "No Deaths" and "Evoke an Esper" mission done.

Note on Confusion

For reasons I cannot explain, I have seen Mastermind Xon attack one of my own team-mates before curing the confusion with auto-med. Usually this seems to go to Tifa, but in principle it could target anyone. I don't understand why this happens, it doesn't happen all the time either so… <ascii shrug>. It's a good idea to give your party members at least a little bulk just in case. Mastermind Xon does not hit too hard with this default 1x attack as long as he is geared for passive provoke and evasion, so most of your characters should be able to take a hit or two with no real issue. Your mileage may vary. The naked rotation unit is obviously at greatest risk as their wind buff is vital to survival… personally, at 5 nrg per run, I would just restart if he manages to kill the rotation unit rather than waste time gearing it every run but… up to you.

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Fight Mechanics: Adapting This Strategy

If you want to branch out on your own and do something similar with other units, here's the most important things about this strategy:

  • As long as you deal ice damage every turn and don't use limit bursts, the only damage type used will be wind, or single-target stuff that can be evaded (see below). Don't cross the 50% threshold. Don't go past turn 3. Both will end your run.
  • An evade-provoke tank will take care of all the non-wind damage in the first 3 turns. If that target is passive provoking they will be confused immediately at the start of the battle, so make sure you've got either Griever) or Phoenix for Auto-Med to cure it. Note that this confusion cannot be resisted.
  • If you don't bring a passive provoker, the wiki says that the confuse goes to the highest ATK party member. Plan accordingly. Griever) is your friend.
  • As long as you kill by turn 3, you don't need to worry about the elf summoning any minions. Beyond turn 3, things get much more complicated.


Thanks, and happy hunting. I'm sure a new NV unit will come out soon (mages, anyone?) that will render this entire thread hilariously useless but if you're scratching for Lapis right now, it's a good time to pick it up from this trial!


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