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Salvaging the Halloween Units — Are they worth it? What should I pick? Should I even pick? — +A bonus lazy review on the NVAs.

Content of the article: "Salvaging the Halloween Units — Are they worth it? What should I pick? Should I even pick? — +A bonus lazy review on the NVAs."

With a pretty crazy 35% rate, discounted multi, 2 NVAs, and a bunch of different ways to get prisms, some players might be tempted to pull for these older units, but how good are they in the current meta? Hopefully this post will help you out.

I do the rating thing at the end, it's my personal opinion, do not take it too seriously, each account situation varies, etc etc. Here is my criteria:

1/5 = a joke, there are better stuff available for free.

2/5 = Good to have, but too situational.

3/5 = Good generic choice, or very strong in some situations.

4/5 = Staple choice, very little reason to not use.

5/5 = Best in game, maximum flexibility, equip everyone in your team with this.

Demon Rain

Role: A third rate tank with a fourth rate (S)TMR

Saving grace: Nothing, he's really terrible.

Dracu Lasswell

Role: A trainwreck of a damage dealer.

Saving grace: (S)TMR.

TMR: 10% evasion chest. Can eventually be useful if you want to gear more than one unit to 100% evade. It has a bit more SPR than the Assassin's Vest. I'd rate it a 3/5 TMR

STMR: Good attack accessory, 50 TDH, 15% Evade, and even 10% magic evade. It's pretty solid if you're looking for evade, but it's not what I'd usually suggest chasing. I'd rate it a 3/5 STMR.


Role: PvP troll.

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Saving grace: With her latents and enhancements, Lilith is not a bad mag tank at all. She has W-cast for 3 common chain families, some LB fill, and a MMXonable all elements resist buff, among other things.

Would I use her instead of Charlotte or Paladin Cecil? No, not at all. But maybe someone would.

TMR: A pure tank mace weapon. It is a decent choice if you want generic stats over evasion or elemental resist, but usually there will be a better choice than this. I rate it 2/5.

STMR: A elemental resist materia for Dark/Fire that also offers a good chunk of HP and, if you're using a mace, you'll also get DEF/SPR. Even if you're not using a mace, it's a good choice if you want one of the resistances. I'd rate it a 3/5.


Role: Fairy/Reaper killer provider, subpar support and chaining partner.

Saving grace: her TMR.

TMR: Attack Accessory with TDH and very rare killers for Fairy and, specially, Undead/Reapers. I can't rate it higher than 3/5, but this is almost a must have for long term Dark Vision score chasing. Actually, multiple of these.

STMR: Second strongest Two Handed Gun in the game, I have no idea who would even want to use this. I rate it 2/5.


Role: Quite outdated, but still a decent Turn One clearer.

Saving Grace: (S)TMR.

TMR: High ATK chest armor with bonus ATK to fist users. Very good for Tifa and Edel, among others. I rate it 4/5.

STMR: Second best TDW fist weapon in the game, behind NV Edels STMR. I rate it 3/5.

Lucius and Grim Lord Sakura

Don't ask me, OK? I have zero idea. I'm sure someone will do a better job and… Goddamn it, I gotta write something here…

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Role: He apparently falls around middle of the NV era pack in Damage, with pretty good bulk (while healing himself all the time), and Demon/Human/Reaper killers which are neat.

He's also Karten 2.0, with amazing Turn one damage potential.

TMR: Generic +60% ATK materia. Nothing really amazing here since it has two restrictions. I'd rate it 2/5.

STMR: One hell of an ATK hat with extra ATK for Fist users. I rate it 4/5.

Grim Lord Sakura

Role: She apparently falls int he middle of the NV Era pack in Damage, which is still great considering there aren't a lot of mages yet.

Her best asset, however, is the utility she brings. AoE mirage, 4 elemental AoE resistances, AoE LB fill, AoE reraise, 50% damage mitigation, Imbues for Fire, Dark and Lightning, on top of AoE stats/break immunity.

And the way she compress these roles? She might be doing a bit too much here. Clear winner of the batch IMO.

TMR: Weird a** MAG Spear with fire/dark element, it works perfectly for GL Sakura because of her own passives, but probably won't work for a lot of other characters. Maybe a tank? I'm sure someone will let me know in the comments. I rate it 2/5.

STMR: Bulky TDH materia for mages. Considering the lack of mage gear in general, this is pretty darn good. 4/5.

There, I did it! I wrote the… thing. Now you all know EXACTLY what to do with your tickets, lapis, and VIP coins (LOL NOPE). I'm sure I forgot a lot of stuff and Demon Rain is secretly very, very powerful, but I hope it helped.

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