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Savior of Souls Lightning Review

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(Heavy Shield) Night Lotus

Stats ATK+50, DEF+140, MAG+50, SPR+95


Battle Expertise: Strength and Magic

Increase equipment ATK (50%) when single wielding any weapon with or without shield

Increase equipment MAG (50%) when single wielding any weapon with or without shield

It’s a unique heavy shield that starts off the TDH and MDTH with shield mechanic in the game or True Sword and Board. Absolutely get this TMR for Lightning herself. It is good for tanks and supports too since that flat DEF/SPR stats are high.

(Materia) Indestructible Light


Indestructible Light

Increase chain modifier cap (100%)

Another unique equipment from Lightning. This increases the chain modifier cap by 100% for units that don’t have a max chain cap modifier i.e. TDH or MDTH units. Whether this is great for a unit or not is highly situational. It really depends on your equipment pool, if a unit is maxed out on killers, LB damage, stat passives, etc. I advise you to check the builder for optimal use of this Materia.

The Savior’s Descent

Lv.1 Stats

Base ATK+40, Base MAG+40

Lv.10 StatsBase ATK+80, Base MAG+80


【VC】Hope to resist despair I

Increase ATK and MAG (50%) when equipped with a light shield

Increase ATK and MAG (50%) when equipped with a heavy shield

【VC】Hope to resist despair II

Increase ATK and MAG (50%) when equipped with a light shield

Increase ATK and MAG (50%) when equipped with a heavy shield

【VC】 A flash that cuts off the darkness (Requirement:【FFXIII・FFXIII-2・LRFFXIII】)

Increase equipment ATK (50%) when single wielding any weapon with or without shield

Increase equipment MAG (50%) when single wielding any weapon with or without shield

A vision card with a mix of ATK and MAG flat stats. It will have the highest ATK/MAG mix by the time of its release. Hybrid damage dealers can benefit from the high flat stats. Most of them can’t benefit from the bonus abilities since they can’t equip shields.

It is too bad that the M/TDH is restricted to only FFXIII units but this is BiS for SoS Lightning.

Base Form Strengths

SoS Lightning functions as a provoker and damage dealer in base form. She is a lightning-based physical damage dealer that can imbue the party with lightning.

She can also apply a damage mitigation buff against fairy enemies to herself. Baolguard is shared between her two forms so both her forms can provoke. She has a resistance buff for fire, ice, lightning and wind to herself as well.

She has a non-elemental AMoE chaining skill that also provides general mitigation to herself for 75%. It can be imbued just in-case the enemy is immune to lightning. She also has an ability that deals increased break damage when using a sword.

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Lightning can do massive damage with her LB. She has an active LB damage buff of 150% and a passive LB damage of 150%. The LB damage buff also fills her LB gauge for 30, which is half of the cost of her LB. However, it is not part of her triple cast. Her LB also grants her 30% more lightning damage for four turns.

She has white magic dual cast also and some white magic. What can she not do?

Passives: Lightning’s passives are amazing. Lots to talk about here. First off, 200% TDH makes it easy to cap.

She has innate 50% passive provoke and physical evasion making her easy to gear as an evade provoke tank. You want her to get hit since she counters attacks with a 250% DEF buff and 10 LB gauge to the party. She has an extra 100% increase in chain cap modifier which means she hits the cap with her STMR.

She also does more damage to demon and fairies at 50% and 150% respectively. The 200% Defense TDH is useful if you want to gear for bulk instead of evade. She can survive a fatal blow 1 time and is resistant to stop and charm. She auto-fills her LB gauge by 4 every turn which helps her fire off her LB faster.

Base Form Weaknesses

SoS Lightning is not exactly a top damage dealer nor a top physical provoke tank. She is average at being both so don’t expect big numbers from her. However, she is an excellent support unit. She can AoE imbue lightning as well as boost lightning damage.

Her sword break ability can’t be utilized to its full potential since she will be holding a sword and board all of the time. Typically, you would want to make the unit dual wield the specific weapon to deal the most break damage.

Lastly, her ATB boost skill is not part of her multicast so she will have to spend a turn or two doing nothing else if you want to fill her LB gauge as soon as possible. The ATK/MAG and LB buff lasts for 6 turns though so there is plenty of time to fill her LB gauge naturally with just one cast.

Base Form Sample Rotation

This is a rotation that involves her provoking and imbuing lightning to the party as well as applying a general mitigation to herself. Move Sweep has AMoE frames so she can chain with Lasswell or Reagen variants. She also has Bolting Strike chains in case you need to support chain with that family. Fire off her LB when you can. It’s damage can still be boosted by equipping more passive LB damage gear.

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Turn 1 Baolguard, Spark Boost, Electric Blast 70x
Turn 2 ATB Charge
Turn 3 Move Sweep x 3 216x
Turn 4 LB 150% Passive and 150% Active 440x
Turn 5 Move Sweep x 3 216x
Turn 6 Repeat from the first turn

Base Form Sample Build

please see video

Brave Shift Form Strengths

Available from turn 1

Duration: Infinite turns

Cooldown to Normal: 1 turn

Cooldown to Brave Shift: 2 turns

Lightning turns into a magical damage dealer after Brave Shifting. Her primary elements are lightning and wind. She has non-elemental attacks as well.

Lightning can debuff the enemy’s SPR by 90% with the use of her LB. This will be the highest SPR debuff in the game. Her LB does multi-elemental damage and imbues her with the same elements for 5 turns. She still has access to her 150% LB damage buff and her LB damage passive of 150%.

She can also debuff MAG and SPR by 85% to all enemies while doing some damage. Her cooldown ability can apply a full-debuff on the enemy for 5 turns as well as inflict disease.

Her Brave Shift passives are similar to her Base Form’s except she has 200% MTDH and STDH. She lost

Her physical evasion in favor of magic evasion. Her counters recover MP (50) and buff SPR by 250% instead.

Brave Shift Weaknesses

First off, her LB is multi-element which means it will be difficult to use in Dark Visions for enemies resistant to her elements. No issues with the final boss though since they don’t have any elemental immunities.

I forgot to mention that she has an ability that does increased break damage when using a rod. It suffers the same weakness as her sword break ability. She can’t really dual wield rods so it can’t be used to its full potential.

Brave Shift Sample Rotation

Brave Shift from the opening turn and do a full-debuff on the enemy. Use ATB charge next turn then Surge or Tornado depending on the element you want to use. Surge has higher modifiers though. Fire off her LB whenever possible to take advantage of the 90% SPR debuff.

Turn 1 Disaster, Baolguard, Surge 80x
Turn 2 ATB Charge
Turn 3 Surge x 3 240x
Turn 4 LB 150% Passive and 150% Active 400x
Turn 5 Surge x 3 240x
Turn 6 Repeat from the first turn

Brave Shift Sample Build

please see video

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Final Thoughts

Savior of Souls Lightning is truly an all-around unit. She doesn’t do the most amazing damage in both forms but she makes up for it in terms of role compression.

Her TMR, STMR and Vision Card can all be equipped on her so you won’t need special equipment from other units to make her shine. Her STMR could also be beneficial to units without the 200% increase in chain cap modifier. One would have to use the builder to determine that since there are a lot of variables involved in the calculation.

Players with new accounts will benefit from her since she does a lot of things and she is easy to gear. Veterans can benefit from her 90% SPR debuff – the highest in the game! It could be useful in Dark Visions where you need to squeeze out as much damage as you can. I’m not sure though if she is worth a slot in the party. I can’t wait to see her in team comps.

I’ll try to get her using tickets. Sadly, I hit the safety net pulling for Shui Yu so I’m a bit low on Lapis. But for everyone else who wants a Jill-of-all-trades, good luck on your pulls!

Note: I forgot to mention that she has natural 50% Lightning, wind, ice and fire resists. She has resistance to all ailments but only 50%.


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