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Scorn of 2-Headed Dragon EXT

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Wiki Boss Page:

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Grand Helm++
No items 50% Trust Moogle
Evoke an esper UoC Ticket x1
Finish within 20 turns STMR Ticket x5

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CG Warrior of LightCG CecilWhite Mage RosaCG VaanCG LasswellCG Lasswell

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RinoraNVA PG LasswellNV AD Akstar

Youtube u/gaebolg168 (Comment)
CG Warrior of LightPaladin CecilFreedom Seeker VaanCG LasswellTifa (BS)NV Akstar

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General Tips

Body Normal Stats (Gauge not empty):

800,000,000 200,000 2,500 + 1,500 15,000 + 9,000 4,000 + 2,400 15,000 + 9,000
+99 +99 +99 +99 +99 +99 +99 +99 +99
  • Ailment Resists: Immune to All
  • Break Resists: Vulnerable to DEF/MAG Break, Immune to ATK/SPR Break
  • Break Gauge: 4,500 HP. Weapon Vulnerabilities:
Weapon Break Effectiveness
Katana, Gun, Bow 100
Other Weapons 5

Body Gauge Broken Stats:

800,000,000 200,000 2,000 + 1,200 8,000 + 4,800 2,000 + 1,200 8,000 + 4,800


Previous tip thread (with example strategy) can be viewed Here

Moogle Tips from News:

  • The heads will each unleash either ice magic attacks or physical light attacks, in addition to lowering your units' elemental resistance, so focus on taking one down first for an easier battle, kupo!
  • You can break the body, but beware that after it recovers, any downed heads will be revived a certain number of times, kupo!
  • The most effective weapons for breaking it are katanas, bows, and guns. Each of its heads will unleash a counterattack in response to either physical or magic attacks, so it would be best to attack them individually, kupo!
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Brief key points:

  • Race: Dragon
  • Body: DEF/MAG breakable while gauge is up, ATK/MAG breakable with gauge BROKEN
  • Heads: ATK/MAG breakable
  • Body Resists: +99% to everything with gauge up
  • Body Broken Resists: 0% to everything while BROKEN.
  • Left Head Resists: +99% ice, -50% light, 0% others
  • Right Head Resists: -50% ice, +99% light, 0% others
  • Elements used: Magic ST Ice, Physical AoE Light/Dark
  • Imperils: -200% Ice, -80% Light/Dark
  • Statuses used: None
  • Right Head has accuracy


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