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Scorn of Demon Chimera EXT

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Wiki Boss Page:

This post is focusing on the hard mode of Chimera. Easy mode is the same fight, with lower stats.

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Insect Buster
No Items Trust Moogle (50%)
Evoke an esper UoC Ticket x1
Finish within 15 turns STMR Ticket x5

Clear Videos (Hard Mode only)

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_ (Comment) (13 turns)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyRiveraRelmNV TerraNV IbaraNV Ibara

Youtube u/gaebolg168 (Comment) (15 turns)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy (BS)RiveraRelmNV TerraNV IbaraNV Ibara

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Example Teams (without a video)

u/vencislav45 (Comment) (16 turns)
NV Gabranth(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyNV TerraRelmNV PhysalisNV Physalis

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General Tips

Boss Stats:

2,100,000,000 200,0000 3,000 + 1,800 24,000 + 14,400 (+200% more) 3,000 + 1,800 24,000 + 14,400
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+75 -75 -50 +75 +75 +75 +75 +75 +75
  • Ailment Resists: Vulnerable to Disease, Immune to Others
  • Break Resists: Immune to All


Early tips thread (with example strategy and detailed guide) can be viewed Here

Brief key points:

  • Race: Demon + Beast
  • Immune to all breaks
  • Vulnerable to Disease, Immune to other ailments
  • Resists: -75% Ice, -50% Lightning, +75% to everything else, including Non-Elem
  • Elements used: Physical Dark, Earth, Non-Elem. Magical Water, Wind, Non-Elem.
  • Imperils: -200% Dark/Earth/Water/Wind. -300% to all Field (Stacks with Imperil)
  • Statuses used: AoE Silence, AoE Accuracy Down
  • Misc: Uses ST Death, ST Mana Drain
  • Ambushes with permanent Field that applies -300% all resist to your team only
  • Using a new field will replace the Chimera's field, and it will never be re-cast
  • Heals self by 30% of max HP every turn when under 50% health.
  • This heal can be prevented by disease or sealing with Nethicite effects or Reflect
  • Chimera has a permanent, unremovable DEF buff which makes him take almost nothing from physical damage


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