Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Scorn of Erinyes in 4-5 turns (All)

Modified /u/Sinzar's quick clear from a video where he was re-clearing 2-headed Dragon and Asura as well. It used Faisy, Shui Yu, SoS Lightning, Lunafreya and a friend Lunafreya.

(Ed – I'll link the builds in a little bit, just wante to post this before something happened and I lost it. So if you want them, refresh in like 20-30 minutes)

Basically just changed used Louise in place of Lightning, geared her with a water weapon and demon killer, and geared Shui Yu's shift form for SPR and a little LB damage. Some of the gear is a little more high end, but it's probably not super important. if you can get status resists on everyone it will help a lot – particularly the big ones that rob turns (sleep / paralyze / stone / blind / silence / confuse.)

I say 4-5 turns because I was 1% from the kill on turn 4. It's pretty simple, set-up T1, constant nuking the rest of the time.

I did start Shui Yu in shift form, and shifter her back to normal on T1, not sure how much an impact that had /shrug

FaisyLouiseShui YuLunafreya x2
Rip Current + Splash FightIncapacitate Target + MG – Power Boost + MG – Diverse Arsenal + MG Heavy FirepowerBlooming Lian Hua Arts + Lotus Retribution + Merciless WaterfallBS – Gentiana's Aid + Water Blesing + Pure Erosion
EsperBS – Disarming Ionic Blaster4*Merciless Waterfall*3 + Lian Hua MiracleLB
Rip Current+Splash FightDisarming Ionic Blaster2 + Neutralizing Ionic Blaster + Nanomachine Overload*BS – LBPurest Waves*2 + Torrent of Purity
Rip Current + Splash FightLBBS – Merciless Waterfall*3 + Lotus RetributionPures Waves*2 + Torrent of Purity
Disarming Ionic Blaster2 + Neutralizing Ionic Blaster + Nanomachine Overload*Merciless Waterfall*3 + Lotus RetributionPurest Waves*2 + Torrent of Purity

Louise and Shui Yu have long start-ups on their LBs, so you will probably want to send them first, wait 1/4-1/2 second then send your chainers.

Also be aware that while you should blow past the threshold and kill it before it auto-casts, it is capable of stat buffing, which may be a problem if you are limping to the finish. I put dispel on Daisy for this reason.

With 2, basically BiS Lunas the second turn burst did ~75% damage. The following turns were clean-up. (My friend Luna did get put to sleep on turn 4 or 5 though, so I had Faisy smack her).

Because Louise and Shui Yu didn't have a ton of LB damage, their LBs did less than I thought they would, but they were still decent turns. If you can gear better than me, by all means go for it. You may be able to get a T3 kill. Just remember about status resists. You could also ignore the 5 unit mission and just go HAM, or throw Ling in for stat protection.

Same as last time – if I messed something up, by all mean let me know, if you want to do a video and post it here, I'll edit it in to the body with credit. DHT is a great place to ask for friend Luna's (and the swap from Asura to Erinyes is pretty easy if you have Roy Mustang's Cap and Krile's Scrunchie).


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