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Scorn of the Ancient Hellbringer (Omega)

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This post is focusing on the hard mode of Omega. Easy mode is the same fight, with lower stats.

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Conquering the Fear of Spirits
Finish within 10 turns Energy Restore Potion 50 (10)
Evoke an esper STMR Ticket x5
Party of 5 or less Rare Ticket x1

Clear Videos (Hard Mode only)

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_ (Comment)
BaschMastermind XonRelmCG KujaNV Ibara

#label-red”>Youtube u/DreamblitzX (Comment)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyRelmNV IbaraNV Terra (BS)NV Terra (BS)

Youtube u/gaebolg168 (Comment)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyMastermind XonLoren (BS)Explorer AileenK.Edgar (BS)

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sganagnana (Comment)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyEileenNV Onion KnightNV SoraNV Sora

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Example Teams (without a video)

u/SuedeExvius (Comment)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyRinoraRelmNV TerraNV Terra

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Please include the Unit CSS for your team to have it added to the main post. (max of 10)

General Tips

Omega Stats:

2,100,000,000 10,000 2,400 + 1,200 2500 + 1,250 3200 + 1,600 5000 + 2,500
+50 +50 -50 +50 +50 +50 +50
  • Ailment Resists: Immune to All (Becomes Paralyze Vulnerable later)
  • Break Resists: Vulnerable to ATK/MAG Break, Immune to DEF/SPR Break


Early tips thread (with example strategy and detailed guide) can be viewed Here

Brief key points:

  • Race: Machine
  • Vulnerable to ATK/MAG break, Immune to DEF/SPR break
  • Resists: -50% Thunder, 0% Light, +50% otherwise
  • Omega has +25% Evasion, Searcher has +50% Evasion.
  • Elements used: Fire, Ice, Non-Elem
  • Imperils: -150% Fire & Ice
  • Statuses used: ST Blind, Silence, Stop
  • Misc: Uses ST dispel, ST Eject
  • Ambushes with AoE Fire Magic. Use 100% Fire Resist, Guts, or Shoreline Fina/Daisy to handle it.
  • Omega will become temporarily vulnerable to Paralyze during the fight.
  • While Searcher is alive, Omega will be immune to physical attacks except on turn 3, 6, 9, etc.
  • Magic or Evoke always works on Omega.
  • Searcher is permanently immune to magic.
  • When Omega dies, the Searcher will kill itself.


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