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Serious oversight regarding NV upgrade system..

Content of the article: "Serious oversight regarding NV upgrade system.."

Ok, maybe I'm missing it somewhere, but I cant for the life of me, find where you can view how many of these limited time insignia crests you need to awaken NV unit skills. With Cloud and Tifa it was easy, cause I got them both. Farm until complete. But now that I don't have the resources to pull for NV Rain, nor do I want to upgrade my D. Veritas to +1 at the moment, how the heck am I supposed to find out how many of these insignias I'm going to need, just in case I pull NV Rain in the future? Is it in game anywhere? I understand it shows you as you level up them up but the problem is I don't have the unit to know in the first place. You can't even see it grayed out like you would for a skill you haven't gained the level to obtain yet, like my NV+0 Cloud BS form! It wouldnt show me, even when I had the unit, but not at NV+1 (His spin attack one, I mean) What am I missing? Does this bother anyone else? Hopefully the dev's implement this soon. It seems silly to have us farm for a number of items that I have no idea what the target number is, hence when to stop.

Edit: Key takeaways I learned from the community:

Cost: NV 180
NVA 220

Re-Farming window: 1-2 weeks every 1-2 months

Where you find them in your inventory: Materials Tab.

Where you see how many you need in game: VIP access only, must have Unit, and have them at desired NV+ level the skill unlocks at, and have the skill leveled in order to see the next tier.

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While I still find that last part annoying, at least the number of insignias is a fixed amount for all units and I feel far less stressed about having to do all this farming everytime a Unit releases. Ill probably reserve myself for those units I'm interested in or lacking a NV version of a particular role.

Thanks for everyone's contribution.

If your like me and have previously farmed everything (useful or not) now might be the time to hit the brakes a bit, and prioritize.


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