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Should You Item World That? New Year’s Stuff!

Content of the article: "Should You Item World That? New Year’s Stuff!"

Since none of you lazy bastards have stepped up yet (it's been almost half a day!) I guess I'll go over whether the event weapons are worth running through the IW for their unique rare.

I am NOT covering the coin exchange weapons because if you bought them then you should probably run them…

Wolf Claws+

2H Fist, Dark Element with 125 ATK and 1.5x variance 50% Undead Killer

Feral Strength – Increase ATK (30%)
Recover HP (5%) to caster every turn

While the unique rare is nice… the weapon itself being locked to dark and only 125 ATK makes this pretty crappy. Cross Aigaion Arm has 162 ATK for reference. In those rare scenario when you need an elemental weapon equipped, I find that it's generally on support chainers so the ATK doesn't really matter. If you need this on your primary DPS you are in trouble…

It does however, have a fairly rare 50% undead killer on it. So I'm changing this to maybe.

Verdict: Skip! Maybe

Ibara's Scroll++

1H Rod, Light/Dark Elemental, 132 MAG, 5% Light/Dark Resist

Oni's Soul – Increase MAG (30%)
Recover MP (5%) per turn

Being an elemental rod here doesn't affect most mages so it can actually be a benefit if you just need to whack someone to seal or get an elemental mission done, and having two elements makes this even more enticing for that. Also, since this is 1H you can make up for the lack of flat MAG with another weapon.

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The rare is pretty nice too, but I've found the last few mages really hit that MAG cap quite easily.

Verdict: Go for it!

Elena's Training Sword++

1H Sword, Water Elemental, ATK+105, MAG+105

Mystic Synergy – Increase ATK/MAG (15%)
Increase equipment ATK/MAG (25%) when dual wielding

Is it weird that I liked this weapon better when it did only 1 damage? Like that had a niche, this is just shitty. The water element does matter here but the stats are lower than Enhancer++ and if you have Selena or Eldryn then you have their better weapon as well.

The rare has the uncomfortable 25% TDW on it. I think there's only a couple of other sources of 25% TDW and you probably don't want to use those either.

Verdict: Only if you lack p/mTDW

Bag O'Toys+

2H Mace, Ice Elemental, 25% p/mTDH, ATK+130, MAG+60 and 1.3x variance

Ready for Winter – Increase ice resistance (30%)
25% p/mTDH

I can't even begin to think who or what would use this? But at least the rare bumps this up to 50% p/mTDH which soothes me.

Verdict: No?

Water Dragon

2H Katana, Water Elemental, ATK+120, and 1.3x variance
Grants a single cast of BS water chains

Demon Submersion – Increase ATK (15%)
Increase physical damage against demons (50%)

This would be quite nice if it was a 1H weapon because at least you could get a double cast of BS water chains from it. But it's not! And we are stuck with a 2H weapon with way too low ATK to be considered and that water element is not wanted.

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As for the rare, that killer is enticing but again any DPS unit would be seriously gimped by the low ATK on this.

Verdict: Skip

Imperial Fanblade

1H Staff, Light Elemental, ATK+20, SPR+120

Imperial Resolve – Increase DEF/SPR (30%)

Obviously this is going to be relegated to a support unit unless spirit scalers made a comeback that I didn't hear about. That rare though looks nice especially if you go for HP to round it out.

Verdict: Go for it!


Enhance Ibara's Scroll and Imperial Fanblade

Maybe Elena's Training Sword and Wolf Claw

Skip the rest

One final note: Since we are getting an extra copy of all of these, if you IW them they will not stack. So I may not do Ibara's after all just in case I want two support units with those elements. Hell I might do none of them now…


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