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Skiparoo – Chapter 9 Part 3 AND Chapter 10 Recap! We’re Done!!!

Let's just get right to it!

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Chapter 9 Part 1

Chapter 9 Part 2

The Lightspring Epilogue

Will of Equilibrium finally got around to seeing the Avengers movies and now wants the world to be perfectly balanced. WoE is butthurt that Fina betrayed it, then takes its ball and goes home. Fina grants the team a buff and chases after it.

The All-Encompassing Light

The All-Encompassing Light (I)another creative stage name

Fina finally realizes Daisy is missing and doesn’t quite buy the “she’s at a farm upstate” story. I guess they could have told her that she was pushing up Daisies! Ha! That’s an old timey euphemism for being dead for all you Gen Z-ers out there.

Melo raises his death flag by telling Kalmia that after this is all over…

We cut to the next couple: Rain and Lasswell. They wonder about Buffoon and Chalice and how blood awakening could be an inexorable curse kinda like AIDS.

Next is the Tower of Aldore team. And this next bit is hard to explain but fantastic. Paus agrees that Sieghard is indeed beautiful and Citra responds violently with WHAT? as the screen shakes. Ignacio tells her she doesn’t need to be that upset and she responds that that’s not what the shaking was from. Trust me, it was funny watching it live.

Paus then says her vision is about to come true, but she never thought it would come from the sky. (she is like 0/4 at this point). They rush to the top of the tower.

The All-Encompassing Light (II) – Cleome now raises her death flag by telling Akstar there’s something she wants to show him once this is all over. please Akstar remember she’s a minor

We go then to the leftovers: Poppy and Nerine. Poppy literally claims that WoE is overpowered because it lacks armpits to tickle.

They all meet up again with the WoE. Rain calls WoE a hypocrite, like that has ever stopped a person/entity in power before… Instead of answering Fina’s question of “y u mad bro” WoE decides to fight the party after all.

You then fight WoE again again. And sunnobitch it absorbs Sephiroth’s LB and I took in a friend Seph explicitly for the LB kill… Ok, thank Christ Terra’s LB killed it, it seemed to absorb everything.

Raegen and his cabinet arrive at the top of Aldore Tower to see a giant Hollow Dragon. This may be too big for them to beat off. No, I’m not stopping this joke! Even Ignacio admits it’s freaking huge and you know that guy’s packing. Reagan of course can’t beat it off since he’s not the main character. The Super Hollow Dragon then explodes all over Raegen and co.

We then get a montage of all the different S2 areas being affected by the light. Duke and his dragon hating people, the Furry nation, those white block people.

The All-Encompassing Light (III) – WoE is now unstoppable since it has taken the will of everyone in Paladia. GAME OVER. WoE just leaves though and Fina then realizes why WoE is so butthurt about Fina’s sudden but inevitable betrayal. WoL asked Fina to save them BOTH. However, Fina did not save the Will of Oblivion but instead destroyed it. That’s what happens when you just gloss over the mission criteria.

I have to give credit again to another well named stage: Flame-Wreathed Wraiths

The All-Encompassing Light (IV) – I’m going to need an IV after all the alcohol I’ve consumed to get through this…

WoL originally agreed that WoO needed to be destroyed so just like Hitler, Fina did nothing wrong. However, WoO sacrificed itself to save WoL.

WoO then uses the word:

Obdurate: stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or course of action.

Makes sense, but I’ve never heard it before. It then leaves behind its will (lowercase) to bring about equilibrium and bestows a shitty grey friend point summon crystal to WoL. WoE then literally says: “The only one on whom I can exact my rage on is you, Fina… You and all of humankind.” That sorta defeats the “only one” part doesn’t it? It’s like saying: “I’m just going to eat one slice of pizza… and the rest of the pizza.” And then you wonder why your diet is blown.

Then I was going to make the case that this was some sort of abusive relationship that WoL had with WoO, but series protag Rain beats me to it by calling WoE the grieving widow. I’m sure though that WoO only hit WoL because he loved her.

WoE then takes its ball and goes home… again.

Rinora then recalls that maybe WoO wasn’t so bad after all since it prompted him to go save Roca when they were all imprisoned. The team then talks about how everyone thinks they are good and the opposition is evil and how the WoE has some logic taking away everyone’s will.

Now that the team understands WoE they feel like they can face it and it’s not just some Necron-motherfucker.

The All-Encompassing Light (V) – After being beaten off by the Hollow Dragon for a change, Reagan can barely stand.

In a surprise turn of events a thrusting of Hollow Dragons (thrusting is the technical term for a group of them) appear before Team Fina. However, Keepers Buffoon and Chalice quickly beat off the dragons in massage parlor fashion. They then say they are not Keepers but instead from the Republic of Sherna to monitor the WoO. Potential S4 hint? Everyone is now buddy-buddy.

Fina: “Okay, I believe you I’ll join you.”

Buffoon is then the first ever to call Fina sharp.

Stage Name: Blinded by the Light… oh shit do I do the Manfred song or the

Buffoon and Chalice encountered Hollow Keepers in their world and promptly beat the shit out of them and stole their armor thus allowing them to travel between worlds and infiltrate the inner circle of WoO. Once it became the WoE they decided it was a threat to their world and must be stopped.

The All-Encompassing Light (VI) – Now that everyone is buddy-buddy, Rain wants to know about the AIDS blood that Buffoon has but he claims HIPAA laws.

As they approach the center the light is too strong and they must retreat even with Fina’s buffs. The only way to stop it is if some other party were to destroy the orb of light, but what is the chance that would happen?

They then call upon the power of a girl in a chair… which is child Fina? What the hell was the chair part about? They then ask non-chair chair child Fina to release all of Paladia from the grasp of WoE. I have to rewatch that scene… Ok, I never rewatched it.

Cut back to Ragen, as he barely picks himself up, Sakura and Nichol appear from a void to help him. The two revive the rest and they try to beat off the most engorged Hollow Dragon yet.

Boss Fight: Voa Voluntas

Now the power from Paladia to WoE is cut off. And if this is the extent of the Aldore Tower/election plotline then it was a giant fucking waste of time.

The All-Encompassing Light (VII) – Team Fina states they have no regrets about their journey despite at least 4 prominent deaths.

They arrive again at WoE. Buffoon and Chalice both give WoE the middle finger. WoE knew that Buffoon and Chalice were sus the whole time.

WoE then told Fina if she only knew….

And the rest of the team was all: “About Daisy? Don’t tell her about Daisy!!!”

WoE: “Uhhh… yeah. I’m totally gonna now. Daisy is ded. I killed her ded. Now hate me. HATRED FOR HATRED. PANCAKES FOR PANCAKES. DEATH FOR DEATH. Equilibrium.” Ok, so one of those I added but you probably can’t tell which.

Fina knew Daisy was ded the whole time and not just at a farm upstate chasing squirrels. She heard the secrets that Rain

Fina posits that it’s not negative for negative that makes equilibrium but positive for negative that makes equilibrium. While she’s mathematically correct, WoE doesn’t want to hear another word from Fina which I think everyone agrees with thus true equilibrium.

WoE then shows it's true, final, ultimate, real-sies form…


Chapter 10

The Ass-Encompassing Light Epilogue

The team faces off again against The Will of Equilibrium.

Boss Fight: Will of Equilibrium Final Form

In a surprise twist no one saw coming Lara Croft showed up and OHKO’d the boss. Fina and Roca then get blown (giggity) away (aww) and reconfirm their will (lowercase) to beat WoE without killing it.

Boss Fight: Will of Equilibrium Final Form for real

After a thorough ass whoopin WoE reverts back to WoL and demands Fina kills it like she did WoO for equilibrium’s sake. Fina says something like she’ll surpass equilibrium and WoL says it's still going to be upset because WoO is dead. Rinora says “hol up, this WoO?” And produces a faint glimmer of it which then Fina and Roca then revive the WoO completing the request WoL made long ago of Fina to save both of them.

WoL then gives Roca a dusk stone to evolve into Dark Fina when she so chooses. The team then leaves on the Farplane Express.

The Maiden’s Return

Symphonia, the Scholastic City – On the way, Rain shares Dark Fina stories with Roca. Conche and Cleome say their goodbyes here and go off to yuri together. Akstar stays behind too. Cleome makes good on her promise to show Akstar “something” which is of course a Mirror of Equity. The Whirling Mirror of Equity. It is a sword dance and now apparently anything can identify as a Mirror of Equity if it wants too. True progress. She then vows to teach Akstar the piano.

Couleur, the Kingdom of Colors – Poppy and Nerine take their leave now. Nerine will not be returning as the princess’ body double and will just disguise herself with Chorale’s glasses to which Poppy makes a Superman reference.

Kingdom of Illumia – Melo and Kalmia’s turn. Melo is going back to his village to resume studying magic. Kalmia still can’t clean or cook.

Wohlstok – Mazurka refuses Fina’s offer to go back with her and stays behind to become an actress. Both to challenge herself and to honor Daisy.

The Fortress City of Burgers – Rinora is back and goes to visit his dad’s grave. Lil’ Orphan Rinora then ponders what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

Paladia – Physalis is alive and well. Apparently she had a painful glow in her arm much like Rain did as a child so it’s potentially a saiyan awakening.

Election stuff is still going on. JP just got a President Raegen unit so we know who wins.

Roca presses B to stop evolving and decides not to become Dark Fina but surpass her in her own way. She goes off on a journey with OK Boomer as we saw in the Mog King event.

Rain comes close to confessing to Fina and asks her to go on a journey with him (to pound town!). But before she can answer Buffoon and Chalice show up with a monopoly reference. They drop their armor and announce themselves as Rhus and Neilikkka from the Republic of Sherna.

A fight ensues but before it gets serious that tinkerbell thing shows up again. It’s called Niini and is really into spanking. The answer is yes. Don’t judge me. The gate is closing and Team Rocket has to leave now and tells Raina to go to Levonia if they want to learn more about blood awakening.

Rain runs off to find info on Levonia. Fina then has a dumb moment with kids and a bird. At the end Paus appears and tells Fina that people die when they are killed, but since Daisy just became light she didn’t really die and then they undramatically brought her back.

The End

Oh my god, we made it! Whew… what an experience? S3 had its ups and many many downs and doing Skiparoo definitely kept me engaged with it as otherwise my attention drifted elsewhere, and it gave me a reason to drink which aren’t lacking by ANY means but the more the merrier.

Will Skiparoo continue for S4? Probably. But I hope that it won’t be as necessary as it was for S3 but more for just a recap as to what happened a month ago. I guess time will tell.

See ya S4!


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