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Skiparoo! Season 3 World 4 Symphonia, the Scholastic City Recap

Content of the article: "Skiparoo! Season 3 World 4 Symphonia, the Scholastic City Recap"

For all the skippers out there (not like boat captain skippers…) I have decided to bite the bullet for you and recap the Season 3 story with an attempt to remove the most painful parts. This covers the last two months of story. You can view other recaps below.

World 1 &2 Recap

Fina Side Story

World 3 Recap


  • I write this as I experience it in real-time so don’t give me shit for what happens later.
  • All Fina/Baby shit is removed unless 10000% necessary.
  • I am at varying levels of drunk while doing this as it’s multiple sessions.
  • Spoiler lines are my drunk commentary which you should probably skip.

For the extreme skippers, here's a TL;WR:

The team infiltrates a music school in search of the Hollow. They meet Conche who is chosen as the Hollow Keeper and Cleome who is chosen as the Hollow Breaker. The seal on the wormhole is released and music is taken from the world. Despite defeating the monster which is the rationale for taking music, Conche continues on as a Hollow Keeper. The wormhole gets closed by Fina and Roca goes from baby to child.

Opening – Learned a new word:

alight – descend from a train, bus, or other form of transport.

The team arrives in Tales of Symphonia. I wonder if there’ll be a focus on music this time?

Fuga, a Village Among the Mountains – We learn Nerine’s trope, and you may have picked up on this with the FF12 Phon event, but she apparently has whatever item is needed. I guess she holds the giant fucking item bag that all JRPG parties have.

They eventually reach the village and are told that Scooby-Doo hijinks are afoot at the School of Music. Daisy unlocks the trope: Scared of Ghosts.

Symphona, the Scholastic City – On the way Poppy makes a Chumbawamba reference.

After arriving they try to reach the school but are denied entrance. They come across Chorale who can actually go into the school because he’s a substitute teacher there. Taking a cue, Fina/Daisy/Poppy enroll as students while Bruce/Nerine/Kalmia do so as teachers. before you shit on this, Suikoden II did the same crap

Infiltration Day 1 – The Dormitory – We find out that the school has 7 mysteries. anime shock! and that there is a music contest only unlocked once per year. No hints as to what the Hollow has taken yet. While investigating late at night they met Conche and Cleome cough future senshi cough.

Infiltration Day 2 – The East Wing – The student team decides to enter the music contest. For some reason they still aren’t wearing school uniforms. where are my seifuku at The teacher team appears and presses Conche/Cleome for information on the 7 School Mysteries. The first one is generic anime bullshit a piano that plays by itself! oh god please don’t make this whole arc about investigating 7 different mysteries Turns out it was just Conche doing bad practice sessions at night.

Infiltration Day 3 – The Main Hall – This one time at band camp practice, uptight ojou-sama Accelle shows up claiming she will be the winner of the music contest. We then fight battles inside of a school against monsters for literally no reason. The group then overhears through the world’s thinnest door that the principal is in cahoots with Acellea to win the contest. Acella reminds the principal that music is the barrier that keeps monsters out.

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Conche shows up to tell us the 2nd mystery: A sobbing girl at night in a room with a portrait!

Infiltration Day 4 – The Special Wing – Chorale (not Conche or Cleome, the whip guy from last world) appears, the text auto-advances for no reason so I missed some lines. Didn’t seem important. Bruce and Chorale have a “my past is darker and edgier than yours moment.”

BOSS FIGHT: Bruce vs. Chorale!

We get the overly dramatic line: “This isn’t you holding back… it’s you being held back.”

It’s alluded to Bruce having a dark and mysterious past aka tragic anime backstory!

Back to the full cast, they go to enter the room with the crying girl. It turns out to be Cleome in there crying because of piano reasons and that the contest is rigged.

Infiltration Day 5 – The Central Garden – Conche and Cleome have a schoolgirl friend falling out for no discernable reason. They catch up to Conche. Conche: “Friendship ended with Cleome.” They chase down Conche through a school filled with monsters…. Cleome and Conche then make up and have a yuri moment.

Infiltration Day 6 – Outside the Auditorium – The team does generic anime school festival bullshit. Cleome deepthroats a “chocolate banana”

The 3rd mystery is revealed: the twisted shadow inside of the auditorium. Just so happens that the music contest will lower the barrier to it. And there is a wormhole inside of the auditorium! Since it was sealed, nothing had been taken from the world yet.

They then find out that music has just been taken from the world! Exactly what you thought, just not WHEN you thought it would happen!

Chorale does a recruitment drive for Hollow Keepers. “Who hates music?” Conche realizes that music has been the source of all her suffering.

The barrier around the whole city is lowered and monsters flood the town. Chorale and Conche: “This is fine.”

Hard cut to Season 2 cast. Lid and Jake crash their airship and Rain and co. run to the wreckage. The silver fog continues to seep into their world and summons monsters. But these monsters are STRONK. Charlotte does a shit job of magic covering the party…


Infiltration Day 6 The Auditorium – The team is shocked that monsters are in the school now! Despite fighting them for the past 6 stages… Conche has a jealous yuri moment. “Cleome, would you still love be friends with me if music didn’t exist?”

Inside the Auditorium – The Crowd Goes Wild – Cleome tries to stop the fighting by inserting herself giggity in between the fighting. Chorale drops the very true fact: “You won’t be friends after high school.” seriously, how many of your high school “friends” are you really still friends with?

BOSS FIGHT: Conche Turns out she’s not a giant shell after all.

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The team wins of course and Conche says she “doesn’t need a helping hand.” Pretty sure we aren’t thinking the same thing here. Nerrine and Chorale have half a moment, but Chorale escapes with Conche leaving the wormhole behind for the team to close.

Appearance of the Hollow Day 1 – The West Wing – The team rescues Martin Sheen ojou-sama Accelle and the Principal. They take charge on helping the students. Cleome finally asks wtf are you guys? And they do the senshi thing. I’m not even fucking kidding. Look at that screenshot. They fucking aura their own colors. Since Bruce did not pose with them, the team becomes suspicious of Bruce. Bruce then tells them “I’ll tell ya later, mmkay?” and they roll with it.

Oh fuck me, they determine that to track down the other wormhole that maybe they should investigate the rest of the 7 mysteries. Up next is the Wriggling Rampart. guys, can we just talk about Rampart? Daisy comedically points out that walls have one job.

Quick cut over to the Rain/Lasswell team. They barely defeated the trash mobs. Afterwards they realized that the fog has made them forget how to fight properly. It explains how Charlotte forgot to magic cover earlier. Jake laments that he can no longer woo the ladies. Lid then tsunderes. Charlotte then laments she’s the only one who “never ate Lasswell’s special soup.”

I literally can’t read this stage – Daisy reminds us she is afraid of ghosts. Flashback to a scene of Cleome meeting Conche. Conche was appalled at the noise of playing “her instrument.” Cleome found it soothing. yuri intensifies The team then fights some monsters that have been clawing at the ramparts. Thus solving that stupid mystery. They then decide to call it quits for the night but are determined to do all the mysteries. Next is the Bawling Bathroom. Daisy correctly points out that it’s the same fucking thing as the music room.

We then get our first cutover to Hollow Breaker HQ. Where Marzuka mistakes the sugar for the salt! OMG WHAT A UNIQUE CHARACTER TRAIT! SHE IS BAD AT COOKING AND MISTOOK THE MOST SIMPLEST OF COOKING INGREDIENTS!!! OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING and fucking being appalled that they actually did this trope SO FUNNY! This was all in an attempt to give Conche a welcome party. Protip: don’t make the first thing you ever bake a cheesecake. They then quadruple down that ‘Zuka and Fina are definitely NOT FRIENDS AT ALL!!!!!!

Next we flashback to when Conche is feeling inferior due to her own talent and then Cleome offers to be her audience. The yuri further intensifies.

Appearance of the Hollow: Day 2 – The Gymnasium’s Bathroom – The Feeners investigate the bathroom and hear a crying sound. Just monsters again. This school should really consider distance learning.

Rain x Lasswell arrive at a library to speak with Elmaul. Only to find him… MURDERED. DUN DUN DUN! He was clutching a book that conveniently describes the fog.

Next is a scene with Raegen and full bodied Akstar. Their sparring was interrupted by the mysterious figure who was on the crashed airship. He states that he’s a Hollow Keeper and then they all begin to fight.

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Appearance of the Hollow Day 3 – The Laboratory – Next mystery is a dancing skeleton model in the science classroom. Turns out they were just skeleton monsters that got mixed in. Conche shows up for an unnecessary rematch. Cleome drops Conche’s backstory that a monster moved into her hometown and makes awful singing noises. So that’s why Conche wants a world without music. This might be the single stupidest thing the whole chapter.

Appearance of the Hollow Day 4 – Bell, the Mountain of Monsters – Feeners arrive at the monster’s location to find Melo and Marzuka already fighting it. They beat the monster, but even though it was the reason for Conche to take away music, she decides to remain a Hollow Keeper.

Appearance of the Hollow Day 4 – The Concert Hall – Last mystery is a mirror that shows your death. The mirror was actually hiding a secret path leading to the final wormhole. The Hollow Keepers appear of course. everyone has phenomenal timing in this story Cleome states that both Conche and music are equally important. She then mentions all those late nights they spent together practicing with their fingers. Conche still refuses to back down. Cleome refuses to as well and gains her senshi uniform and a giant fucking katana.

The good guys win. Shocking, I know. The Hollow Dragon then appears but before they can fight it, the loud mountain monster that broke the noise ordinance appears and kills the dragon for us. The Hollow Keepers and Breakers then join forces to make a Captain Planet reference and defeat the monster.

Music is returned and Cleome and Conche put on a performance at the school festival. They win of course and then touch and go their separate ways. Oh and Roca evolved into Onion Knight Refia.



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